since I’ve gotten so excited about a movie coming out.  But I saw a commercial tonight that instantly gave me goosebumps and a yearning for the smell the popcorn, the feel of a comfy yet dirty theater seat, the sound of a big ‘ol cherry coke bubbling in a cup at the end of the armrest and the sights and sounds of… of…

Wolverine X-Men Origins: Wolverine.     


Yes, my friends.  I’m an X-Men fan and even more specifically, a fan of both Hugh Jackman AND Wolverine.  And there’s a new movie!!!  **insert girlish squeal here** Click on Wolverine’s face to see the trailer. 

May 1st… ‘nough said.

Oh! Except to say, if you need a Hugh Jackman fix and you haven’t seen Australia yet…


RUN, don’t walk to the nearest video store and rent it.  It’s a great movie.  This movie “makes you fall in love with love all over again”… to quote my sister-in-law who fell for the movie just as hard as I did.  She said it perfectly.


Now I’m done.