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It’s a rivalry that goes back ages… I think dinosaurs were still roaming the earth when people first started arguing about which brand was better than the other.  I never have been one to take sides on this matter, even though growing up, we were a Coca Cola household.  As a child, the sight of a Pepsi would conjure up an emotion similar to the emotion a semi-football fan would feel at the sight of the Oakland Raiders; they know they don’t like them but they just can’t explain why.

Oh, I could tell a slight taste difference, don’t get me wrong.  Pepsi is a bit sweeter than Coke but when you are someone who will take a Cherry Coke over ice cream, well, Pepsi’s sweetness isn’t a reason to banish it from the refrigerator.  Added to that, I’m a bargain shopper.  That means whichever has the better sale is the lucky winner I’m bringing home.

But my last batch of Pepsi’s (bought on a killer deal of course) has changed my normal fence-straddling attitude.  I discovered a Pepsi characteristic I’d never realized before.

Pepsi goes flat after being open for more than 30 minutes.

Maybe that’s not a big deal to some people.  I, on the other hand, as the busy mom and wife that I am, like to nurse my soda all day long.  Okay maybe not ALL day long but certainly as long as possible.   I can’t let myself chug soda after soda so I just open one at like 10am (my coffee wears off about then, lol), take a few sips now and then and finish it off as a treat during naptime.  Crazy, I know.  Why would I care so much? 

Because I’m a busy mom and wife.  And busy moms and wives like to have a little soma-soma to keep ’em going.  (Something NON-ALCHOLIC I feel the need to clarify)  We find joy in the little things, be it a toddler that made it to the potty, a 7 year old who does her math without complaining or a quick swig of a Cherry Coke.  Just saying.

So, Pepsi.  I’m sorry I have to inform you of this but I will no longer be purchasing you.  You will no longer occasionally grace a spot on my refrigerator shelf.   Though you may tempt me with radical deals in the grocery stores, I will resist the urge to take you home because I will still end up feeling cheated when I come back to freshly opened one of you only to find you have already gone flat.   Maybe this isn’t fair.  Maybe that was a bad couple batches that I consumed and it isn’t normal for you.  But I’m afraid I can’t afford to chance it.  Sorry, but this is good-bye. 

* * Sorry Pepsi-lovers.  Unlike your favorite soda, YOU can still grace a spot on my living-room couch anytime you want.  * *