This is my first time participating in Make Do Mondays, hosted by the lovely Ann Kroeker.  It’s funny, I think throughout the week of things that would make great MDM posts but then can’t think of a single thing when I sit down to actually WRITE one such post.  Ahh, the glories of a horrible memory. 

But I remembered one this morning. Horray for me!!



I love them. 

I love the beauty of them.  I love the details of them.  I love the heaviness of them.  I love the warmth they offer.  I love the sense of nostalgia they lend to a room.  I love their sturdiness.

Let’s face it, quilts have been around for a long, long time. 

One thing I don’t care for is the disappointment I get when a quilt becomes stained, or a seam gets torn, or the edges start to fray.  I use to struggle with what to do next with a quilt that no longer “healthy” enough to leave out around the house or fold at the end of a bed.   But not anymore.  In fact, I went LOOKING for used up and torn quilts, even just quilt tops!  Why?  Because they can still be used. 

Need a picnic blanket?  Use an old quilt!

Need a blanket or two for emergencies?  Use old quilts!

Going on a road trip and need something to snuggle up with?  Use an old quilt!

Going to the drive ins?  Take an old quilt! (we usually sit outside on camping chairs when we go so it gets a bit cool)

Going camping/rv-ing?  Take old quilts!

Need to make a bed on the floor for sleep-overs?  Use old quilts to make a “mattress”!

And the one need that sent me actually hunting for “new” old quilts/quilt tops?  We do a Harvest Party every year instead of Halloween and I get loaner bales of hay (from Hubby’s co-workers with horses) that I like to cover up with old quilts for decoration and comfort.  Those things can get mighty pokey and itchy so the quilts make a nice comfy barrier and make the bales into instant seating. 

So don’t throw away your old quilts.  And if you still aren’t sold on the idea of holding on to them, let me know and I’ll take them off your hands happily!  I’ll even pay for the shipping.  =0)

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