Have you noticed my absence lately?  Well, it’s for a few different reasons.  Trying for better time management, trying to NOT ignore my children and NOT to escape so much into bloggyland… but also I’ve been struggling with Satan.  He was working OT last week on my emotions.

One of the emotional battles I’ve been dealing with is because a couple weeks ago I received news that a childhood family friend was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer.

He’s been given 3 months to live.

He’s 37.

He has two children, 7 and 5.

BUT!  He has an amazing relationship with his Lord.  He is happy to have the opportunity to live in the light of only months to live. He is looking forward to meeting Jesus face to face.

I had a weird thought as I was watching LOST this week… is it weird to be in his shoes and be watching a show like that, knowing that you will never know the answers to all these plots that are going on? I’m afraid I was quite peturbed by that thought. I think because it actually put a little of his diagnosis into perspective. I mean, I am far more grieved for his children, who will have to grow up with out him and for him to miss out on their lives, than I am by him missing tv – TRUST me. But I think that is kind of a “fuzzy” thought to me. I can try to imagine what it would be like but I really cannot grasp that concept. But somehow, in relation to LOST, it hits home. I hope that makes some sort of sense.

About the same time as I got word on my friend, a (different) friend and I had the opportunity to go to the Rock and Worship Concert in our area. FABULOUS! It was an effort headed up by MercyMe and Jeremy Camp to put on a great show for a low cost ($10 you guys! Seriously! That’s all it was to get in!) . I confess I went mostly to see them as a fan not really for the worship opportunity. But wow! Did God ever have different ideas for me. He used it to help begin the process of breaking me out of a serious funk. One of the bands was Tenth Avenue North who I had never heard before. I instantly loved them. They actually posted the words to their songs on the big screen so we could sing along… I felt invited to actually worshipwith them instead of just being a concert-goer.  And when the songs have such powerful, no-holds-barred words, well, you can’t help appreciate it.  Here’s a few of my favorites that I found on youtube. 

The third one you have to go to youtube to see.  Click here

I think I went a bit overboard in my youtube-ing but know that I did practice some restraint… there were at least three more that I wanted to share with you.   In fact, one I’ve saved to share with you on Easter. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I promise I’ll have happier posts in the future