I overheard a hilarious conversation earlier today.  K, a 4 year old friend and girl, and Lil Blue, my 2 year old son, were outside playing around on the bikes.  I heard a bunch of babbling going on so I tuned my supersonic mommy-hearing in to fine-tune the babble…

K,”Yeah!  And you know what?  When I was three I couldn’t use the pedals but now I’m big and I can”

LB, “Oh! Yeah! eyoi soi choo!  Cows POOOOP!” (face scrunched in gross-out expression)

K, “…and I also couldn’t get my shoes on, or brush my hair but now I’m BIG and I can do EVERYthing!” (staring at her cute shoes as she pedals around the back yard)

LB,”Oh! Yeah! babble crabble soo-soo AAAAAHHHHH! Horse POOOOOOOP!! (again, face scrunched in expression of extreme gross out)

K,”…yeah, I love to dress up.  I do it all the time” (twirling around, again staring at her cute shoes)

LB, starting to tune her out since he has no more animal poop statements…

K, “…and I’ve memorized all my multiplication tables and I’m learning to divide and figure square roots.  Last night, just for fun, I started reading War and Peace” (this time twirling a section of her hair with her fingers)

LB, completely tuned out now and sucking on the muzzle of a (plastic) squirt gun while holding the grip with both hands and pedaling around on his trike.

Okay, so K didn’t really say anything about her multiplication knowledge or reading skills.  I tend to exaggerate just a tad.  But that’s what she might as well as said since I felt like my 2 year old was the blunt caveman of the pair.  I almost expected him to blurt out something like, “Fire HOT.  Me HUNGRY.  You COOK!” 

Actually, that might be a little too much vocab for him.  We’ve got a few more animal pooping facts to work through before he’s ready to move on to more caveman vocabulary.  Hmmm, should we discuss sheep, pigs or birds at lunchtime today?

** as a side note, the whole pooping statements started last week when we were at Poppet’s riding lesson.  LB and I were talking and petting the horses when one moved to just the right angle to completely display his pooping excellence to us.  LB just stood there, two feet from the action, his eyes bugging out of his head and a very serious furrow to his brow.  The pooping comments have been never ending ever since.  And he’ll throw ’em down at any given moment.  He likes to show off like that.  **

*** As an additional side note, there’s nothing quite so soothing to a frazzled, over-analyzing momma brain, than to see her young son walking around with the muzzle of a gun in his mouth.  Yeaaahhh… I’m going to have nightmarish mental flashes of that one for eternity **