I’ve started to work on something. 

My Sabbath.

I really desire to have my “Sabbath” to be different from the rest of my week.  But that takes a week of planning in order to pull off a true day of rest.

But I think that might be the point.  Just like our worship must be purposeful and intentional, and our quiet times, our actions, our words,  so must our day of rest be.  I not only choose to set aside my daily chores for one day a week and instead spend time with my family and in prayer but it also needs to be on my mind every day of the week, planning a little more each day and getting an extra chore done each day in order to “pull it off”. 

I’ve been attempting this new (for me) Day of Rest half-heartedly the past few weeks.  Because of only half-hearted attempts, my Days of Rest have still included washing a couple loads of laundry and folding three, sweeping floors, cooking and preparing three meals, unloading and loading the dishwasher.  Less chores than a normal day, yes but far from the day of rest it could be if only I’d planned better, each day.

So this week is my first attempt at An Intentional Day of Rest.  


One day I’ll cook and freeze a dinner for Hubby and I to enjoy on our day of rest (the kids eat popcorn and fruit).  Another day I’ll catch up on all the laundry, instead of just doing a load.  I’ll decide ahead of time on our clothes for that day and make sure that if any of it needs ironing or cleaning up… yup, you guessed it… that it’s done aheadof time.  And the day before our Sabbath?  I’ll get the bathrooms cleaned, sandwiches made for our Day of Rest lunch,  unload the dishwasher so that it’s ready for quick and easy loading the next day.  The way I see it, if I plan, the only “chore” I should have to do is sweep after each meal.  

There’s not much way around that one.  

‘Cuz crunching around on three meals worth of crumbs and food chunks is just too much of a distraction for this ol heart.

So this week, as part of the intentionalpart of my Day of Rest, I will posting what I’ve done each day in preparation for my Sabbath.  I might even include a post of recipes that either freeze or refrigerate easily for quick, no-work meals.  If this is something you’d like to join in on, feel free to!  Let me know ahead of time and I’ll add a Mr. Linky so that you can link up your AIDOR (An Intentional Day of Rest) post.  You don’t need a blog to join in and share your tips and chores.  Just add a comment on my daily AIDOR post telling us what you did that day as you strive for your Day too.  My AIDOR picture is not a “button” yet but if you’d like it to be, just let me know. 

I’m excited to see the outcome after a week of working towards this goal.  It’ll be a huge for me.  Really huge.