Happy Monday everyone!  As I think about what project I can do today in preparation for my Sabbath, I have to admit, I’m a little hard pressed to come up with one.  Oh, I can think of PLENTY of chores that need to be done today but what chore can I do that won’t need to be re-done 50 times before Saturday night?  Seriously.  Here in lies the issue behind all my previous, half-hearted attempts. 

BUT I am changing that.  I’ve decided to make Chicken Enchiladas this week for our Sunday dinner.  So today I’ll be heading to the store, while I’m out and about on other errands, to pick up the necessary ingredients.  Later today I’ll add the recipe to my cooking page for you to check out.  It’s a great make-ahead recipe.  Everything is cooked before you assemble so it can just be refrigerated until you’re ready to warm it up in the oven and proceed to inhale it.   These aren’t regular enchiladas by the way, I like to call them Honky Enchiladas because they are about as far from the original as you can get.  Okay maybe not.  I’m sure there’s some sort of dessert enchilada out there that would prove to be further from the original.  Rest assured though, they are a scrumptious variation.

So besides buying the ingredients to our Sabbath dinner, I’m going to change and wash the sheets from our beds.  It’s the only thing I can come up with that doesn’t have to be re-done before the end of the week.  (just to clarify, I do make our bed everyday… it’s the washing and changing of the sheets that I’m talking about) 

Stunning and life changing it, isn’t it?

Tomorrow will be even more so. 

Believe you me.