Background: last night our plumbing backed up. 

This morning, I’m waiting for the plumber.

I had to pass on my regular morning gallon cup of coffee because yesterday I forgot to wash out the grounds.  This morning, I can’t let anything down the drain.  That equals no coffee for me.

In lieu of my coffee, I ate two packets of poptarts (that would be FOUR total!) and washed ’em down with a cherry coke.  I rationalized it all in my head as “just a treat to help me make it through a very, very rough day”.  

I’m still hoping, even after all the sugar and fizzy caffeine, that the Angel of White Chocolate Mocha’s will perform a fly-by blessing this morning.

I disconnected all the toilet tanks so that no one could accidentally flush before the plumber arrives.

Have I mentioned we’re waiting for the plumber?

I’ve chosen to “hold it” so far this morning.  Let’s see how long that lasts.

Lil Blue is still in pjs… not sure how that connects with our plumbing issues but I’m sure it does.  Because being the perfect mother that I am, who always has it together and is never late to anything, he would ALWAYS be dressed by this time normally.

The kids got to brush their teeth outside today.  I think their morning is going much better than mine… they got to spit in the dirt. 

I have food to fix for a weekend camping trip.  Nothing like a sink full of dirty dishes from cooking all morning that you can’t wash.

Is it wrong to pray for my children to all experience mild constipation for a day?  We be a mighty regular family… if ya know what I mean.

Did you know I’m anxiously waiting for a plumber?  Oh? I mentioned already?  Really? Hmmm.

Hubby had to go next door for his shower this morning.  Lucky for him, his sister lives there. Or is it lucky for me?

Poppett is in her first ever play tomorrow afternoon.  She had her dress rehearsal yesterday.  Last night, she asked if I could wash her play outfit in time for the performances.  “Piece o cake!” was my reply.   I might have to eat my words.  I might also have to run next door to run a load through the washer.

Lucky for me, my sister-in-law lives there. 

I have two extra munchkins on Friday mornings.  I don’t think they’ve ever used the bathroom before.  Murphy’s Law says they will today.

Just want to reiterate, I’m waiting for the plumber.

And my morning dose of I-Take-Things-For-Granted doesn’t taste so great. 

My bladder aches.


At least I KNOW it’s not a case of white mice