Why is it that as soon as summer break is here and I actually HAVE time to be on the computer, my internet service decides to take a serious nose dive?!  It’s so bad that, our service provider has no idea why so many things are showing up haywire on their end and they’re sending someone out to take a look…. on Tuesday.  We called Saturday.  Ahem!

Anyway, I’m sorry.  I meant to get the Roasted Potato recipe up right away but I had some issues even getting on to check my email the last few days.  Bleh!  I so don’t like computer problems.  Or car problems for that matter.  Or any other kind of problems that are way beyond my ability to fix myself. 

BUT!  I have the recipe posted now.  You’ll find it over on the left side under “Cooking”.  I hope you used the last few days to gather your precious potatoes and dill weed from the store, fruit and veggie stand or your own garden.  Because your going to want to fix these as soon as possible.   

I’d like to confess the fact that I’ve had Dill Weed in my pantry for a long time.  I won’t even tell you how long but the great thing is, it’s held up fantastically.  And now I’m looking forlornly at the teeny bottle of it, wondering why it took me so long to actually use it and why in the heck I bought such a small bottle. 

Live and learn.

But cook in the meantime.