Pazookie 3

So I might be on a bit of a recipe posting spree.  I just can’t seem to help myself.  Or maybe I just don’t want to. 

Yeah, that’s probably it.

I just posted a recipe I co-created.  Because really I just merged two recipes into one.  But the result was gooey deliciousness (I hope that’s a word).  Lil Blue was happy to model the ins and outs of eating a Razookie

Similar to a Pazookie but baked in ramekins and a water bath… get it?  Razookie?  R for the ramekin?  I know.  It’s pretty lame but I don’t have time to waste coming up with a good name.  I’m too busy dreaming of my next date with one of these little steamy pots of chocolaty goodness. 

Feel free offer a slightly-less-lame title.  Anything is better than what I’ve got so far.