I realize my posts of late have been all about food.  But is that going to stop me from writing up another one?  No siree.  Ann Kroeker is hosting Food on Friday and I just HAD to seize the opportunity to write about food… because who knows when another chance will come up?!!


Since summer is upon us (or at least, I hear the rumor it is.  I have yet to see proof of it in my neck of the woods… June Gloom is going full force!), I thought I’d let you all in on my secret barbecue weapon.  Ever heard of BBQ University?  No?  Well, Steven Raichlen is the king of BBQ.  And he’s the man in charge over there.  On his website (and tv show.  But I never seem to catch his show) he’ll teach you all you need to know to become the master barbecuer in your home. 

Don’t believe me?  Think you’re husband won’t let you touch the grill?  Think the BBQ is no-woman’s land?  Well, I’m proof that that is all completely FALSE.  For many years, Hubby wouldn’t let me near the BBQ – as I’m sure is true in your home also.  And honestly, I was quite happy to oblige.  But then he sent me on a wild goose chase (after watching Steven’s show several times) of findingand purchasing Steven’s BBQ books.  Long story short:  I found.  I bought.  I read.  I practiced.    After just a couple BBQ meals, I was promptly handed the BBQ crown and gold-handled tools by Hubby. 

Steven has an amazing amount of recipes.  Seriously, it blows my mind.  Not just meats but veggies, desserts, sides, ethnic foods, vegetarian and on and on and on.  He’s amazing. 

One thing I’ve learned, I didn’t really need the books right away.  Just head to his website or his blog first.  He has a ton of recipes on those two sites that will keep you happy for a couple summers at least.  But there are techniques and recipes in his books that he doesn’t show you on his websites.  He wants to make some money after all.  So if you like what you see online, you’ll want to invest in one or twenty-seven of his books.  But don’t feel that you have to.  And certainly don’t wait for the book to come!   

Online he gives you lessons on the techniques of BBQ-ing on either gas or charcoal grills.  He also teaches all about direct/indirect grilling, how to smoke (the meat!), how to tell if the meat is done and everything else you might possibly need to know before firing up the ol BBQ. 

His dry rubs are amazing and his basic one is my go-to for those last minute BBQ because I just have to throw the rub on and head for the grill.  It has never failed me. 

Jalapeno Jerk Baby Back Ribs with Pineapple BBQ Sauce is a recipe we’ve become famous for within our circle of friends.  It’s a bit tedious but man does it ever pay off! 

Oh man, I just saw a recipe for Spit-Roasted Pineapple with Cinnamon, Sugar and Cloves and now I’m thinking I need to ask Hubby to figure out how to get a spit roaster going on our “q”… because that recipe looks scrumptious!

So head on over to Steven’s sites and then prepare to wow your hubby and/or dad on Father’s Day with your newly acquired BBQ-ing skills and recipes!