Today was FUN.  It was a day out with the kids.  I didn’t end up having to cook dinner.   And the icing on the cake? It was almost free!

The details.

A bowling alley in our area does $1 games in the summer (per person) and $3 shoe rentals.  The reason this works for our family is that out of our four kids, only Poppett has big enough feet for the rental sizes.  I didn’t bowl but helped the younger two boys instead.  That brought our bowling total to $7 for an hour and a half long game.  Fabulous.  The alley had food deals too… $1 pizza slices, $1 drinks and $1 french fries.  I opted to feed the kids lunch in the car before we went inside to save money.

Then, during naps, I checked and found out that Hot Dog on a Stick was celebrating over 60 years with free corn dogs (1 per person) between 5pm and 8pm.  SCORE!  Hubby was working late and so it was a perfect time to head to the mall for a free unhealthy meal with the kiddos. 

We wrapped up the day with free coffees and hot chocolate at Borders bookstore.  Another coupon found on Spoofee.

Seriously a great day. 

Tomorrow?  Free movie at Regal Theater! 

I’m positively giddy from all this free entertainment.

I love summer.