Last week (or so) our water heater went out.  To put a long story short, it took almost a week to get the neccesary part and for Hubby to install it (side note: Praise the Lord that Hubby is so gifted in being able to install such things!  He’s my hero).  And like so many other situations similar to our lack of hot water, I realized I take it for granted.  And this was in the middle of summer!  I can’t imagine how out of sorts I would have been if it had happened in the middle of winter!  

Today I started researching the village that our Compassion sponsored boy lives in. 

(Bear with me, this will connect soon I promise.  Or, at least it does in my head.  Hope it does for you too.)

I came across this:

I’ve watched similar stories on tv before and they’ve always affected me.  But this time, it was so much deeper.  I found myself studying each precious face that flashed on the screen, wondering if I’d catch a glimpse of our child.  I felt proud to know that the mother of our child didn’t have to walk through that forrest for water and that our child’s sister could stay in the safety of her home because our child fetches the water for them.  I was thankful that his family has a brave son to do that job for them.  My mother’s heart ached to know that he and his family don’t even know what clean water is.  That to them, just to have a watering hole, even one shared with the cows, dogs and other critters, was good. 

I can’t mail him the pictures I’d set aside for him of the kids playing in the sprinklers.  How cruel would that be?! 

I’m ashamed that I was moaning about my lack of hot water… when he doesn’t even have cold water (I can only imagine how tepid that water must be! Bleh!). 

And so a fire has been lit.  Have you ever seen one of these?

I’m trying to find out, with Compassion and PlayPump’s help, whether or not one could be put in our child’s village.  I can’t think of a better fundraising opportunity.  

And it would affect our child.

What do you take for granted?