I apologize that I didn’t post this months ago.  Actually, in my defense, I thought I had.  BUT since I didn’t, I’m posting it now.  And it’s out of order.  And for that, I double apologize.  Here it is.  Finally.

Me thinks that I shouldn’t use a title that I have to explain but  what the heck.  I’m living on the wild side.  Unboxing is when people take pictures (or video) to document the process of removing a new piece of electronic equipment from its box.  And then they post the pics and/or video on their blog.  I realize there isn’t a whole lot of electronics involved in Compassion International but hey, it’s my party and I can do what I want.  Hence, my usage of the term Unboxing in relation to Compassion and our family member, sponsored through them. 

I thought I’d go through this Compassion sponsorship step by step for those of you who aren’t familiar and at the same time introduce our Compassion child to you all.  See, we’re new at this thing too and I’m so excited about it that I just can’t help but walk you through the whole experience.  I think that’s the thought behind those guys who first started Unboxing… they were just so incredibly excited about their new electronic contraption-thingy-ma-jigger that they couldn’t help but share each tape-tearing moment with their bloggy world.  For some it’s electronics.  For me, it’s children.  And I’m realizing how undaunting this sponsorship process really is and if that’s what is holding you back from taking the Compassion Sponsorship plunge… well, I’m here to help you get your tippy-toes in the wet. 

As a little bit of background, in case you haven’t read my previous Compassion posts, our family was blessed by Pioneer Woman and her husband, Marlboro Man who paid the money-side of our sponsorship.  They are our Compassion partners. =0)  Their desire was to help some of the teen Compassion children find sponsors.  They are an age group that is overlooked and often fall by the wayside.  I love that we are able to help an older child, a precious boy-almost-man, who might have gotten over-looked had it not been for Pioneer Woman and MM’s compassion.  He will soon be a man who can do great things for his family and village because of the difference Compassion and compassion have made in his life.  We’re just thrilled to be a part.

After we signed up with Compassion, we eagerly waited for our packet to come in the mail.  I apologize that I didn’t think to get a picture of the actual unopened packet.  I just ripped into like it was a t-bone steak with no thought whatsoever.  I am sorry for my carelessness.

But it did arrive.  And it contained everything we needed to know about corresponding with our child and of course, all of his information and picture.  It looks like this:

Compassion 1 email

There’s even an envelope to mail your first letter to your child.  It couldn’t be much easier… unless of course they sent someone to lick the envelope for you.

Here’s a picture of our child:

Compassion2 email

My heart melts just looking at him.  His card includes his birth date, some of his likes, what his family is like and what sorts of things he does to help his family.  Our child is one of 7 children.

Your sponsored child will write letters to you:


Isn’t it cool to see someone else’s written language?!  One side of the letter is your child’s actual writing (if they are able) and the other side is the interpretation.  The first letter lists some of their likes.  Our child’s favorite pet is a sheep, his favorite food is bread and his favorite color is white.  If that doesn’t show cultural and economic differences, I don’t know what does. 

Even with everything but the educational aspects of sponsorship stripped away, it’s warms a homeschooling mama’s heart to see her children’s delight at learning about a new area of the world (to them) because they have a friend living there.

Wow.  I so love the fact behind that sentence.  We have a friend/family member on the other side of the world from us. 

That concludes this unboxing.

Consider yourself unboxed when it comes to Compassion.