but I have to make ONE TEENY TINY comment about Michael Jackson… at least for today. 

I didn’t watch the funeral.  I made a point to be out of the house. 

On purpose.

But of course, there was no avoiding the aftermath.  I knew it was coming.  I was prepared for it. 

I wasn’t prepared for seeing “his” daughter.

Was anyone else weirded out by his family’s actions during her little speech?  The poor girl was clearly distraught as she tried to choke her words out through her tears.  But his family?  They didn’t pull her away from the mic and give the poor girl a break. 


They kept shoving her closer to it.  Or it closer to her as the case might have been. 

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And very revealing. 

The Jackson Family was just doing what it has done since Michael and his sibs were just children… shoving the little ones into the spotlight.

I’m not sure they know how to do anything else.

I do realize that they showered sweet little Paris with hugs afterwards.  But that’s my point… they didn’t interrupt her talking and let the poor girl have a breakdown in private surrounded by family members.  Nope. They made her finish the performance first.