This Saturday my sister in law and I are doing a garage sale together.  We do them about twice a year.  Along the way I’ve learned a few tricks that help in the selling process. 

Some I think are just common sense, like CLEAN everything first!  Pet peeve of mine is when people just throw their stuff out in the yard and then complain that nothing sold.  Hello?! Who wants to buy a set of glasses that have water spots or a stroller that still has crumbs and grime plastered all over it?  Please everyone, a little time spent dusting and wiping down surfaces goes along way in getting more junk out of your house and bigger bucks in your wallet. 

One trick that I’ve learned recently has to do with sheets.  Before your garage sale, run your sale sheets one last time through your washer.  Then, instead of throwing them in the dryer, hang them up to line dry.  You don’t have to hang them outside.  (As I type this, I have three sets hanging all around my house, drying)  The “line” drying leaves the sheets with a more crisp feel than the dryer.   While softer is what you might want on your bed, to a prospective buyer, a crisper feel means that the sheets feel newer and less used. 

You can also apply the same concept to clothes.  

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