About a week ago, I can home with a 25 lb box of beautiful Roma tomatoes from our food co-op/ministry.  We’d had a plethora, and I mean plethora, of tomatoes that week and I just couldn’t stand to see them go to waste.  Besides, my friend “P” had pointed out that she was going to take a box home and make marinara sauce for the freezer.  Being the competitive person that I am, I hastily decided I could/should do it to.   See that Band Wagon rollin’ by??  Watch me jump right on!

Yes, this good ol competitive nature of mine gets me into trouble all the time.  Let’s just say I’m a huge work in progress and leave it at that, shall we?

Anywho… I love P, I loved her idea and I loved the prospect of being a thrifty provider of sorts for my family.   But I don’t think I fully realized the magnitude of marinara sauce that 25 lbs of tomatoes was going to make until I started chopping.  See, added to the whole time issue (good marinara sauce has to simmer for hours folks… hours!), I don’t have a food processor.  My hand-me-down processor from my sweet mother-in-law broke about a year ago and I’m just too cheap to go spend $50+ on another one.  I have hands and a nice big knife after all. 

However, eeeoons  a couple hours later,  after only getting about a third of the tomatoes chopped, I realized I was in trouble.  Not quite like sinking-of-the-Titanic-kind-of-trouble but trouble none the less.  Thankfully, my dear friend A dropped her processor off at my house and saved my sanity the day.  Thanks again A!

I now have many, many, many ziplocs full of marinara sauce in my freezer and I feel prepared for the end of the World.  Or for an army of hungry Italians… which ever comes first.

All that to say, try my Marinara Sauce recipe!  It’s actually my Mom’s recipe for her Lasagna sauce with a few tweaks and additions.  Like onions.  Onions and my Mother are mortal enemies, like they are with a lot people, and so we grew up, for the most part, with onions always omitted from recipes.  I can attest that this recipe is still delish without the onions.  But if you have a not-so-secret love affair with onions like I do, throw those bad boys in and live it up!  

The recipe is listed on the left side of this page, under “Cooking”, or on my Cooking page (click on the “Cooking” header at the top of this page) or you can save yourself the hassle and just click right here

Let me know what you think. 

My mom’s Lasagna recipe to follow soon…