Our sweet 11 month old boxer, Lucy, got her first taste of hunting the other night.  I heard her barking playfully outside and making a big commotion so I went out to investigate.  She’d caught a baby possum. 

Everybody join me in my “BLEH!!”

It wasn’t a tiny baby, more like an adolescent.  Big enough to be out on his own and making his own trouble.  Since Lucy’s an adolescent of sorts herself, Hubby had to “assist” in the kill.  It was damaged pretty banged up from Lucy’s playing.  Rest assured, no matter how ugly you may be of an animal, no matter how closely you resemble something spewed forth from the pit of hell, and no matter how grossed out we get at the sight of you, at the Runningamuck home,  we still won’t leave you to suffer. 

We’re regular animal heros, aren’t we?!

Seriously though, let’s do a little comparison here:

Possum from Australia:



Possum from America:


Once again:




And America:


I think the fact that I couldn’t even find a picture online ANYWHERE of the American Possum with a child even remotely near it is pretty telling.

Why can’t we have the cute one?!  Hubby has a hilarious story about a possum that was run over on our college campus when he worked public safety.  It lived even though half of his face was scraped off and bone was showing.  Hilarious because students would catch him in their headlights while he crossed the road every now and then and he would greet them with the typical “Raarrrrrr” face that the possums in the pictures above are showing.  Needless to say, Hubby got lots of calls about the phantom possum that stalked the college campus. 

I’m just hoping Lucy keeps them OUT of our yard instead of letting them in for a play date.

Double “BLEH!!”