End of the Road Beach soft email

Hubby and I had a chance to take a fantastic trip to Kauai a few weeks ago.  Most of our vacations are spent with family or with the kids.  We do manage to get away overnight on our anniversaries usually but an extended trip?  Nope.  We’re talking Blue Moon here.  Last time we went away like this was when Poppett was a baby.  That was almost 8 years ago.  We did have big plans for our 10th anniversary that included a week at a Jamaican resort.  But then Lil Blue surprised us and was due the same month we’d planned to get away.  We didn’t think it would be worth the citizenship hassle.  So to say we were excited about this trip is putting it mildly. 

I had beautiful dreams of blogging on the beach and blogging on the lanai (that’s a porch for all you non-hawaii-speaks) and blogging by the pool and blogging on a stool.. oops sorry.  Forget that last one.  The inner Dr. Seuss got the best of me. 

Point is, I just was having too much fun cavorting around the island to spend much time on the computer.  I barely even made contact with my own offspring who were left behind on the mainland.   I apologize for the neglect. 

We went with another couple which helped our budget immensely.  We picked up lunch and breakfast items at Costco on the way from the airport to the condo.  That way, we only ate out once a day for dinner and saved a bunch of money.   Splitting the cost of the two-bedroom, two-bath condo and the rental car was another money saver. 

Despite the fact that it rained almost the whole time we were there, we had a blast.  (does that word date me?  Oh well)  We made a lot of mad-dashes from the car to viewpoints but it didn’t really matter.  We were soaked in seconds most of the time.  You just learned to wear a hat (to keep the rain out of your face and keep the hair from under some form of control) and be comfortable with being wet.  Warm rain helped too. 

One day we drove around the island to the North Shore… in the pouring rain of course.  We stopped for some shave ice before heading home.  For those of you who haven’t had shave ice from Hawaii, let me just tell you, it’s NOTHING like a snow cone.  It’s super soft shavings of ice first of all, nothing like those snow cone ice chunks that end up forming together in a hard crust that you have then have use your bark-chewing-beaver-skills to get through.  Or in my case, give up and just drink up the syrup off the bottom and toss the rest because trying to eat the ice is frankly too much work, too messy and too attention grabbing when out in public.  Nothing like running into someone you know when you’re in the process of chipping a tooth on a snow cone and have syrup dripping off your cheeks, nose and chin and pooling up in a nice big stain on your shelf… for some of us, that shelf is made up of  “the girls” – post-babies (‘nuf said) and  for the rest of us, it’s our left-over baby-gut.  Neither shelf needs any more attention brought to it than it’s already bringing on its own.  AnyWHO, shave ice is not only as soft as eating snowflakes and flavored with all sorts of tropical delish-ish-ness, but the ice/snowflakes are surrounding a ball of ice cream, macadamia nut ice cream at that.  It truly is a beautiful thing my friends. 

While we were there, scarfing up shave ice, we met a delightful couple from the mainland who were also enjoying some shave ice, in the rain.  We chatted and quickly found out that they were both retired.  He from the Air Force and she from Mary Kay.  Now, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but I’m a MK consultant too.  Normally, in a situation like this, I would have immediately started talking shop with her and getting as many ideas from her as I could before she could pry my little hands off her arm and escape.  This time however, I just hoped to high heaven that everyone in my group was too absorbed with their treats to make any comment.  Alas, it was not to be.  My wonderful friend, “S” piped up, “Hey!  She’s Mary Kay too!”  The sweet retired Mary Kay wonder-woman turned to me and smiled… and I desperately looked for hole in the ground to open up that I could throw myself into.  Why? You might ask.  Well, remember, we’d been skipping around the island IN THE RAIN.  I didn’t have a lick of make-up on, I had a ratty boy’s baseball hat plastered to my head, a soaked bathing suit and cover up that were dripping off my body, and thanks to the sudden humidity of the island, a break out that rivaled any teenager’s raging hormonal case of acne anywhere on the face of the earth.  Yep, I was one perfect Mary Kay specimen.  I squashed the urge to kick my beautiful, well-meaning friend’s shins and instead tried to not sound desperate as I explained my very NON-Mary Kay appearance.  The Mary Kay wonder-woman very sweetly tried to make me feel better by patting her perfectly formed  hair and dry, CLEAR, make-up’d cheats and said she was sure she was sight too.  Um, yeah, not quite the same.  But she got Brownie points for trying to make me feel better. 

Of course, I vowed never to leave the condo again unless it was to see a waterfall, swim, hike, sit on the beach, shop, check out tide pools or eat.  I couldn’t risk being seen TWICE in that state after all. 

Stay tuned… pictures are coming.