That’s what I feel right now. 

Because of my rip-roaring allergy attack from yesterday’s cleaning, I wizened up (just a tad) and took a Claritin as soon as I could shove down a piece of toast this morning.  I’d struggled all night with sinus pressure and jaw pain (from so much sneezing is all I can think of) but did I get up and take anything then?  Nope.  Like I said, I’m only a little bit smarter since yesterday. 

It’s now lunch time.  It only took Mr. Claritin 4 hours to kick in.  And I’m feeling mighty fuzzy.  I can’t decide if I like that feeling or not. 

On one hand, it’s delightful. 

On the other, my extremities are freezing, I have the jitters and I have a hard time focusing. 


ALL allergy medicine does this to me. 

Wait a sec, that was a lie. 

Children’s Benadryl doesn’t.  If I take one tablet (just to give you a comparison, that’s what you’d give a 5-year-old) BEFORE the allergies kick in, it does the trick beautifully.  Any more and I get the jitters.  And it won’t do a darn thing if the allergies are already well underway. 

But then again, either does Mr. Claritin.  That’s why I didn’t both with it yesterday once I realized I needed it.  That train had already left the station.  I knew the only remedy was just survive the day and get to bed as soon as possible.  I hate that.  Let me tell you, I was one HOT, BEAUTIFUL sight for my man when he walked in the door after work!  Wooo!  It’s a wonder he could keep his hands off me. 

Mr. Claritin makes me want to sleep… or curl up in a soft blanket with a book…  Except when I try to read, this is what I see:

View ImagePretty, ain’t it?