Well, maybe not silence (after all, there are still 4 young munchkins wrestling, chasing and taunting each other) but it’s quieter for sure.  We just said goodbye to our Thanksgiving guests… all 12 of them.  Our sister and her family came to stay last week for Thanksgiving and our family looks forward to their visit every year.  In case you were wondering, of the 12, 10 of them were kids.  Yep. You read that right.  We had 14 children running in and out of the house for 5 days and it was GLORIOUS!  It seems every year, the minor spats and falling outs between the cousins get less and less.  This year I’m not sure we even had any.  If we did, they were very quiet and very short-lived. 

When you have that many young ones visiting (in a very small house to boot), you really just have to go with the flow.  You have to realize there will be chaos and noise.  And some moments, words like chaos and noise don’t even come close to describing situation.  But you ride the wave, go with the flow and absorb every moment of it.  Because you realize, soon enough, the sleeping bags will be packed up, the mountain of shoes by the door will disappear, the once over-flowing food in the kitchen will be all eaten up and the windows will no longer shake from the constant comings and goings through the slamming doors. 

And it will be quiet.

Some quiet is nice. 

But too much of it isn’t. 

Especially when you sit and edit photos like this:

and this:

and you know that more than likely, these precious lil month old pair of feet will be crawling around the floor and getting into all kinds of trouble, next time you see them.   I had the privilege of taking some baby photos of my new nephew while he visited.  He was super easy to photograph! Even with 13 other kids running all around us (and getting in the shots), he happily stared out the window and quickly feel asleep!  We didn’t even get any outfit changes done, he fell asleep so quickly!  But that was okay.  It was a bigger priority to get sleeping pics than lots of outfit changes and poses.  As I looked back at his photos, I realized I definitely have a thing for baby feet.  Half my pictures were feet!  I could seriously post at least four more great feet photos… but I figured that might be a bit much for the rest of ya’ll.  For some of you, I realize feet shots just bring back bad memories of older brothers and stinky feet or ingrown toenails.  Or the king of all toe jam attacks. 

Did you know that my daughter (remember, she was my first baby so cut me some slack when you read this story) had super sweaty feet as a baby?  It’s true.  She could soak through socks like nobody’s business (and it probably isn’t but I’m going to share it with you anyway).  I use to worry that she’d be plagued with sweaty, stinky feet as a young woman and I’d imagine all the great lengths she’d have to go to, in order to keep her feet problem a secret.  I imagine the havoc it might cause to her dating life.  Strange isn’t it?  Mothers are great at worry.  If I were to have listed them all, they’d have ranged from the super paranoid to the silly and unnecessary.  The foot worry was obviously the latter… you just can’t tell a new mom that though.  Nope.  To do that would probably cause great bodily harm.  Human mamas are very similar to bear mamas… and a NEW human mama is far worse.  Kinda like a mama bear on steroids… or crack…

I apologize for the randomness of this post.  I blame it on the Claritin.  Yes, it’s another windy day here at the Runningamuck neighborhood and I’m high on allergy meds.   My thoughts are as scattered as the leaves outside.

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. 

I promise to “sober” when I write my next post.