You know, it seems to be a growing epidemic, bloggers churning out books.  It’s a good epidemic mind you.  Some of my favorite bloggers are now hard-copy-authors (after all, aren’t all of us blogging maniacs authors? Well, most of us anyway.  Not sure my writing qualifies me for such a title). 

Pioneer Woman:

I only need to order about 10 million copies of this one.  Everyone I know loves P-Dub.  Did you know she and I are Compassion sponsor buddies?  Yup. Tis true.  Find and click on my Compassion category on the left side of this screen and you can read all about it. 

Bring The Rain:

I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy

If you haven’t visited Angie’s blog before you are missing out.  This is a gal who has some spectacular Biblical insight to share.  I’ve learned so much from her.  Her story and the way God has carried her through her heartache will rock your world.   

Ann Kroeker:


I love Ann’s blog.  She feels like an old friend.   I think her book will hit VERY close to home for most of us.  I love her boldness in getting a message out that most of society today doesn’t want to hear. 

Stuff Christians Like:

Hilarious stuff.  Hits a little too close to home sometimes but makes me laugh none-the-less.

All these new blogger books got me thinking. 

If I were to write a book, what would it be about?  What is my expertise in? Hmmmm… Here are some possible titles I came up with:

“Inconsistency – Sometimes I always am”

“My Inner Martha Stewart – She’s Gotta Be In There Somewhere!”

“A Personal Story of Procrastination – The Killer of All Great Intentions”

“How To Start Something And Never Fini…”

Somehow I don’t think my books will be flying off shelves any time soon.  What do you think?