Today is one of those days of total contentment.  A day when I wouldn’t trade in my “mommy-card” for all the money in the world.  A day when I delight in picking Hubby’s socks off the floor and hum a little tune while I tackle the permanent mountain of laundry piled high next to the washer machine.  Have you had one of these days before?

They don’t come often enough for me, I’m ashamed to admit.  Contentment doesn’t come from my surroundings, for those are the same as they were yesterday.  Instead, it is truly a matter of the heart.  It’s a choice I don’t make everyday… every moment… every breath.  And I fail miserably most days.  For some reason I’d much rather wallow in a current pity-party or allow the stress of keeping all my “hats” balanced perfectly on my head to take over and consume me. 

Today was not perfect by any means.  My whiney child was still whining.  My boys were still rowdy and out of control at times.  My chore fairy still refused to show up for work.  My family still demanded to be fed.  The dog still needs exercise and attention.   And homeschooling is still starting on Monday.

***AAAAHHHHCCKKKKK!!!***  Slow….deep….breathing….

But today, I choose contentment over strife and stress.  I choose to delight in the little things… those things that often go unnoticed or under-appreciated because I’m to caught up in something else.  I choose to take a deep breath when the stress of a moment threatens to wash over me like a tidal wave and instead of capsizing under it, I choose to smile and go start a tickle-fest or pillow fight in the living room.

Why today, you may ask?  I’d love to say it was just something I chose to do on my own.  But I’m afraid not.  Rather, it is a result of an increasing number of tragedies that has rocked the people around me in one way or another.  Sons who have died unexpectedly… families wiped out in car crashes… sweet little babies who are terminally ill… buses from my own university involved in head-on collisions… the list goes on it seems.  Sometimes I wonder if it is a sign that the devastation of this earth is closer.  That maybe the coming of my sweet Savior and Lord is just around the corner.  While I know that is true because each moment that passes brings us closer to that day, I also wonder if it’s more a result of us all being more connected through technology.  When something bad happens to a friend of a friend or co-worker, we read it on Facebook or Twitter when a year or so ago, we might not have ever heard the news. 

Whatever the reason is, the tragedies and heartaches have caused me to stop in my tracks and turn to look at those who surround me on a daily basis.  And I mean, really look… and appreciate.

Life is a gift.

Tomorrow is not promised.

And I am blessed.