When you have kids who, for some reason that they can’t express, do not care for soup (and we’re talking ANY soup… not just the ones with veggies in them), you tend to get just a tad excited when you discover one that they actually like.  That’s how it is at our house with Wonton Soup.  It’s a favorite amongst all the family members.  And it causes much rejoicing in my soup-lovin’ soul.   Like a lot of my favorite recipes, this one belongs to Allrecipes.com.  If you have never been to this site, you better get your bootay over there pronto because you are plain missing out. 

In my new attempt to post fast or not post at all (as you can tell from my last year of blogging, I have been unable to post blog updates quickly and so I have gone without), I’m going to just provide you the link to the recipe.  

Wonton Soup