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I made it!  Watch me do my dance of joy… or maybe not.  Probably best that you can’t.   You’ll have to trust me on that one. 

It is the last day of 2008.  Yes, my post should have been up yesterday but in case you didn’t know, we have a new puppy in the house and we all play by her rules now.  Hard to sit down and type when you have to keep running outside for potty breaks.  That and feed and care for 5 humans too.  But better late than never.

Here’s a recap of my accomplishments:

I lost 8 pounds! 

I’ve increase my water intake and decrease my cherry cokes.

I’ve increased my exercise time.

I’ve decreased my portions.

Not bad I’d say.  Thanks goes to Jen at Daily Mish Mash for lighting the fire under my chunky fanny.  And I’m going to keep it up.  This really isn’t the end.  I still need to work on increasing my exercising and water intake.  I’m comfortable in my portion control so less focus needs to be there.   I’m happy with my weight, not happy with my muscle tone (or lack there of).  So it’s going to be exercise, exercise, exercise still for me. 

One of my rewards was going to be new jeans.  But I’m not going to reward myself just yet.  I’m going to give myself weekly exercise goals for the month of January.  If I meet those, a jean shopping spree will be scheduled… and undoubtedly recorded here on the blog too.  I just would like to be more tone… and therefore have a little less circumference to my thighs.  Not looking for a smaller jean size necessarily.  Just better fit. 

So be looking for pics of my new jeans in February.

And now… back to my happy-happy-joy-joy dance… look away please, look away…

So it’s been a couple weeks since I posted my Looking Fine stats… let me start out by saying that over Thanksgiving I did AWESOME!  If I do say so myself.  My goal was to stay where I was, not losing but not gaining.  Well, I actually LOST three more pounds!  Whoo hooo!  Course I can’t take credit for it really… it’s called getting no sleep because of sick kids, having a slight touch of The Sicky yourself (thankfully just a touch) and also cooking, cooking and doing some more cooking!  I don’t know about the rest of you but when I cook, it lessens my appetite. 

Now, now, I can hear the jokes already but despite what you might think, it’s NOT because my cooking is bad!  Oh no.  I ate everything I cooked, I just couldn’t eat that much.  I love to cook so sometimes this saddens me.  But then I hop on the scale and I dance with joy and happiness. 

Course, then our out-of-town family members went home and regular life continued.  And now I’m afraid to step on the scale… but I’ll do it.  Just for you. 

Right now.

Keep in mind I haven’t even put a big toe on my elliptical since Thanksgiving…

Just warning myself…

Here goes…

Yay! I’ve only put back one pound.  So I’m still down two pounds from my last report.  And only four away from my goal.  Not bad. 

Course, that doesn’t address the issue of my cottage cheese thighs. 

MUST ATTACK ELLIPTICAL THIS WEEK.  I want that medal again from Jen at Daily Mish Mash.  I’ve missed the sweet smell of victory these last few weeks.

I’m getting so behind on my posts!  I have so much to share and can’t because it’s “crunch time” here in the Runningamuck house.  Family arrives in just a few short days and while I’m giddy with excitement at the thought of getting a week to spend with them, I’m also frantic at the thought of all I need and want to get done.  Several of the “wants” have already been scratched off the list and I’m almost down to only “needs” now.  And yet I’m still having hiney cringes (as Pioneer Woman would say) at the thought of that big ol long list and my three short days!

BUT WAIT!! I have an AWARD from Jen at Daily Mish Mash!!! Get this, and you may not believe it, but I worked out EVERY DAY LAST WEEK!!! I can’t even believe myself. Although my muscles sure remind me every time I breathe move. 

Purdy, ain’t it?!  Amazing how motivated that there little medal made me last week.  The competition continues this week so you better believe I’ll have another one of these babies to post next week. 

I lost another pound last week and I only had a couple cokes.  Still need to step up the water drinking as I have a much easier time ignoring The Pull of the Cherry Coke when I’m sufficiently hydrated.  And while I’m not feeling smaller in my still-snug jeans, I do feel muscle starting to form.  That’s an easy thing to feel when you have exactly ZIPPO muscle to begin with.  And I want muscle tone way more than I want a toothpick body so I’m happy with that. 

Until next week… when you’d better see another medal. =0)

So, I had a big goal for myself this past week.  I wanted to lose 4 pounds andget some exercise of some kind every day.  What I didn’t take into consideration was a very sick 2 year old.  I did exercise three days out of this week which was good.  But the last few days have been a total washout, unless someone can verify that the 104.5 degree heat emanating from a 2 year old who is sitting on your lap, pressed up against your body and making you feel like you’re sitting in an oven, CAN in fact, burn off your own calories, not just his.  I’m hoping this is true.  

Weighing myself this morning was a let down.  Held even.  I’m hoping that was because I built up a little muscle tone in my abs since I worked them pretty hard this week.  You know, like maybe a pound or two of chiseled ab muscle?  Yeah, highly unlikely I agree. 

So my goal remains the same this week.  Work out everyday and loose 4 pounds.  My fixation of 4 pounds?  I have an awesome opportunity to be a “2nd camera” at a wedding this coming Saturday.  Nervous much?  You betcha!  Especially since it is my photography teacher who is “1st camera”!  AND it’s my first time photographing a wedding.  I have a great pair of brand-new black slacks that I bought for $8 earlier this year during an Old Navy clearance.  Problem?  I bought them a tad too small since that was all they had and I planned on loosing a couple inches anyway.  Saturday, I need those slacks to fit.  I refuse to spend money on a bigger pair.  REFUSE!!  I’m already going to need to beg/borrow/buy/steal a white button-up shirt and black sweater to wear over it.  (I’m kidding on the stealing part) 

I have no choice but to work my booty off on a daily basis, not even glance at a coke, drown my nerves and woes away in a water bottle the size of a washing machine.

Because OBVIOUSLY, this guy’s outfit is just all wrong… black slacks would’ve improved his image as a professional 10-fold:

Go to fullsize image

And if I’m going to have to get into positions like this guy, which I will if it’ll result in a fabulous picture… well, I’m gonna need to add Spanx to my list of “to find”:

Image Preview

On second thought, I need Spanx no matter how I move if I’m wearing those slacks!  Now to just find some on sale… a BIG sale.

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It’s that time of the week… and do I need to even write down that it was a difficult week?  Well, it was. In a word: CANDY!!  Actually a couple more words help sum the difficulty up also: Ginger Cookies and Pumpkin Dip.  Oh yes my friends, it’s my Fall curse.  But I’m going to turn it into a blessing by sharing the recipes for them with you all later this week.  Your taste buds will scream for joy but your hips may groan in protest… You’re not going to want to miss them!

Back to my weight.  I’ve held stead this week, no gain, no loss.  I held my cokes to one a day but my exercise and water intake suffered.  So that is my goal this week, get my booty moving DAILY and drink more water.  I won’t even approach the candy issue that has my home in it’s sugar-powered grip… it’s just going to be an issue for the next couple weeks until I can rid the cupboards of whatever is left.  But if I keep my focus on exercising and drinking my 3 liters of water daily I’m hoping the love affair with candy will leave a bit to be desired.  And that my love for the elliptical will grow.

My hopes for next week’s post?  I’m going to be super daring and go out on a limb here… 4 pounds lost!  That would only leave two more to loose and then I can focus on maintaining and increasing my muscle tone.  Ooh! How nice that will be! 

So here we go!  4 WHOLE POUNDS, I CAN DO IT!!!

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No, I’m not talking about alcohol here.  I’m talking about trying to establish a healthy lifestyle.  You know, getting enough sleep, exercising, eating healthy, etc. etc.

Well, my secret weapons in the food department are the Luna Bars.     Go to fullsize image  Have you tried one?  You need to.  Well, if you are female anyway.  Hubby won’t touch them since he thinks they are chock-full of estrogen.  They aremade for women, all the vitamins and calcium, etc. that our bodies specifically need.  They are low in calories, high in protein and 70% organic also.  They also donate to Breast Cancer research strive to bring more awareness to us females. In fact, they have a bar that brings awareness AND boosts your defense against Breast Cancer.  It’s the new Berry Almond flavor and I have to tell you, it’s delish.  It really is.  And it’s full of antioxidants to help ward off cancers.  How can to you turn that one down?! 

My other favorites?  Chocolate Peppermint Stick, Smores and Lemon Zest.  But those aren’t even half of their flavors.  And truthfully, I haven’t tried all the flavors yet and of the ones I have, there hasn’t been one that I wouldn’t eat again. 

I’m not a fan of chocolate nutritional bars as a rule.  Or, at least that WAS the rule.  Until now.  The Luna chocolate bars are so yummy.  No chalky, funky tasting dark stuff here.  The bars all contain their Soy Rice Crisp which is much like a rice krispie.  So the chocolate is never dense, overpowering or chalky. 

Luna has lots of great information on their website.  Plus, you can send in a dedication to a special woman in your life (or girl, I’ve seen notes to young daughters too) and they put them on the bar wrappers.  How cool is that?!  I’m going to send a couple in myself and see what happens.

Do your body a favor and pick a few up next time you see them (I stock up when I see them go for 10 for $10 at the grocery stores personally).  You’ll satisfy your stomach and feel like you’ve soothed your sweet tooth at the same time.

** I’m not affiliated with Luna in any way, shape or form.  However, should someone from said company wish to send me a nice big box of Luna Bars or even cold hard cash for not only mentioning their products but HIGHLY recommending them, I would not refuse them.  Thank you **

Well, as you are aware from my earlier post, I’d fallen off the wagon for a couple weeks.  And because of it, I gained 3 pounds. Ouch!  But this week starts with me back ON the wagon. =0)

So this week I have lots of goals.  Well, lots of dreams but the reality is only a few goals that I can actually accomplish (dropping 2 jean sizes while sitting on the couch eating bon-bons isn’t one of them unfortunately).  So here they are:

* Drop soda intake to 4 for the whole week.

* Exercise 4 days this week.

* Get 8 hrs of sleep every night (that means I have to be in bed by 10pm)

I was trying to determine which one I’d struggle with the most but truthfully?  They are all hard for me.  Getting to bed by 10pm means I have to keep on top of everything during the day so that I don’t have a bunch of things to finish up in the evening.  It means skipping the 10 tv shows.  And tonight that’s Life, one of my new favorites.  *sigh* I can watch it tomorrow.  Only having 4 sodas this week means I have to cut my current intake in half.  In half my friends.  Ouch!  And exercising, well, it’s just hard to fit in especially with an earlier bedtime. 

But I can DO it!  As Jen pointed out, we’re halfway to the end of this challenge.  And while it is a new lifestyle I’m trying to create and not just a short-term thing, it means I have to keep my hynnie IN the wagon from here on out or it will all be for naught… no new lifestyle created, learned and made into a habit.  It’s do or die time.

This week I’d thought I’d gained a little.  I just felt it.  Even though I actually exercised three times! Yahoo!  I could have rewarded myself with the Coldstone icecream reward that I’d set up for myself but – now hold on to your seats everyone – I only had three teeney tiny tastes.  I was sharing with Lil Blue and that’s about all he would allow with me, the ice cream nazi that he is.  But I was amazed that I really was fine with it.  Anyway, I when I weighed today, I’d lost another pound and a half! WOW! I’m so excited!  I just wish I could see it… or rather, I wish I could see the empty space where it used to be. 

I did manage to get through three days without cokes.  That’s a big deal for me.  For me, if I had to choose between a big ol dish of ice cream (complete with whatever toppings you wanted) or a nice cold Cherry Coke complete with pebble ice, I’d pick the Coke 9 times out of 10.

A semi-win for me that happened this week came in the form of a steakhouse.  Hubby and I went with some new friends to have dinner at a local steakhouse.  Usually, I’d be all over a nice chunk of previously moo-ing piece o’ meat.  Like white on rice… that’s me on steak.  USUALLY.  But that day?  I calmly muttered through clenched teeth while sweat started to pucker up along my hairline ordered the SALMON!  Now, I’d like to say that I also ordered a nice side of fresh steamed veggies but I have to confess, I ordered the loaded baked potato.  Second confession about this meal?  While it was delish and I really didn’t miss my steak, I ordered it because the day before I had visited my orthodontist and had my braces worked on.  So I couldn’t have eaten the steak if my life depended on it (which is often how I feel about my consumption of steak… my life depends on me getting it into my belly).  Hence the reason for the potato and not the veggies.  I couldn’t eat those either.  And you may not believe me but I really would have preferred the veggies this time.  I would have felt so healthy eating them with my salmon.  I would have stood on my chair at the arrival of my plate, had Hubby whistle his eardrum-piercing shriek of a whistle, and announced the fact that I, surrounded by all you steak-eating, artery-clogging, I’d-like-a-slab-o-butter-on-the-side-please, UNHEALTHY cow-eaters, am eating fish and veggies and will live to be 327 years old!  But alas, I couldn’t.  I couldn’t have the veggies.  Plus, it would have been totally dishonest because on any given day it would have been ME devoring the plate-sized slab of steak with the side of butter and a heart attack.  I do love butter.

This week’s goal?  To again have a coke every other day and work out four times.  My reward?  A movie night with a couple of girlfriends this weekend.  Well, that was already on the books but if it’s my reward, then I can also participate in all the delightful snacky goodness we’ll have going on.  Particpate in a controlled way that hopefully won’t undo my coke rationing and tens thousands of minutes on the eliptical!  We’ll see.

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It’s that time again…

I did fairly well this past week.  I’m holding steady, no additional loss but no gain either.  I’m still lacking in the exercise area.  I only managed to get my bootie moving a couple times this week.  So obviously this is the area I need to focus on this coming week.

Jen asked what keeps our motivation going towards our goals.  Well, one of them is the fact that I need new jeans.  But I don’t want to have to buy a bigger size.  I want to hold off, loose the weight, tone those thighs and go out and buy some nice new skinny-me jeans.  Not hoochie jeans mind you… just nice fitting, flattering jeans.  That will be my reward for reaching my goal.

Jen also asked if we have any mini-goals and if so, what are some mini-rewards when we reach those mini-goals.  I honestly hadn’t thought of this before but I think it’s a great idea.  So I decided to set weekly goals and the weekly reward I can grant myself when said goal is achieved.

This week, I don’t know if you know this or not but Thursday is Cold Stone’s World’s Largest Ice Cream Social (5-8pm).  WHY would I be offering this information on this particular post? Well, that day, they are offering free 3 oz cups of ice cream (two specific types to choose from).  They are hoping for donations to the Make-a-Wish foundation in return.  What better treat to reward myself for exercising every day up until Thursday?!  And it’s only 3 oz.  Nothing to set me back too far.  And it’s for a great cause.

Now, not all of my mini-rewards will be food related.  That would be bad.  So the rest of the time (unless I find out that someone is handing out free ice cream again), I’m going to reward myself with things like a pair of earrings, a manicure, a pedicure, a special little home decoration (it is Fall after all and all the new, cute decorations are killin’ me!).  These are all things that I don’t normally treat myself to.  But I’ll get to now as long as I exercise 4 times a week.Image Preview

I’m sooo looking forward to my ice cream treat!! =0)

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This week wasn’t as spectacular as last week.  But I expected that.  I stayed the same.  Didn’t lose any but didn’t gain any either and that my friends, is definitely half the battle.  Maybe even two-thirds.  Given the fact that Aunt Flo (sorry for the TMI!) was visiting, I was proud of the fact that I was able to keep the snacking to a minimum with only had a couple small Dixie cups of chocolate for the whole week AND I managed to get a few days of exercise in there.  So this week, a success. 

Course, I wouldn’t have cried over dropping a couple more pounds either… or even gaining a couple IF I knew they were muscle pounds. 

Image PreviewAs a side note, Biggest Loser starts tonight.  And I’m excited.  I’m excited to see this new group of people change their habits and lives – hopefully forever. And I’m excited for me to have this additional boost to my week.  If these people can work 24/7 at losing hundreds of pounds, I KNOW I can loose 10 and gain a few in muscle.  Plus, I can’t help but cram in as many sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts and push-ups as I can while I watch everyone else working out.

I posted some snacking advice here for last weeks Works for Me Wednesday.  But I have an additional oneGo to fullsize image that I’ve discovered this week.  I find that if I wear my very snug jeans around the house (trust me, I wouldn’t walk outside even to get the mail in these babies!), the constant tightness around my thighs and waist serves as a great reminder to keep my fingers out of the cookie jar.  Okay, I don’t have a cookie jar but I sure do have a snack cupboard.  Try squeezing into whatever article of clothing it is you are loosing weight for and you’ll probably find the same is true. 

Just remember to change before you head out to pick up the kids from school.  Please.  For you kids sake.

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