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Because I have a hard time organizing my thoughts after watching a LOST episode, I decide to write AS I’m watching the show this week.  So hang on… you’re coming along on my little crazy LOST ride…Lost

I missed the first few minutes tonight but I saw Sun get her package that included files of some kind and a nice huge gun.  Kate went to visit the lawyer that threatened her with the DNA tests but got no where.  I personally think the lawyer is hired by Ben who is just trying to get Kate to want to go back to the Island.  He knows she would have to feel mighty threatened to ever want to go against Claire’s wishes of not taking Aaron back to the Island.

What?! Sawyer and Locke actually agree on something?? Things must be getting desperate!  They both agreed that the group needed to go back to the Orchid Station.  But they needed to get back to the beach in order to grab the zodiac and go around the Island as a shortcut.

I love Sayid.  Anyone who would use his own IV line to strangle a bad guy is someone you want in your corner and not staring at you from the opposite one.

I’m sure there’s some numerical significance to the marina slip number that Ben told Jack to meet them at later with Kate.  But I’m clueless.  I don’t even remember what the number was!

Why doesn’t Daniel say anything to the group about needing to find their “constants”?!  To me, this is pretty vital information since now the other guy is having nosebleeds too. 

One of the time warps went back in time to when Locke opened the hatch and Claire giving birth to Aaron with Kate’s help.

Sawyer got me all choked up when he got to see Kate deliver Aaron… Love his rare tender moments.  And true to form, he quickly recovered to his natural gruff self. 

After the next flash forward, Sawyer, Locke and the group finally find the beach camp again but it obviously was forward in time because the rest of their group, who had orginially stayed on the beach, had disappeared and the camp was destroyed.  The zodiac was gone and instead they found a wooden outrigger boat.  When they hopped aboard and started paddling around the Island, someone started firing on them from a similar boat.  Another time warp saved them but unfortunately dumped them in the middle of a storm, at night, still out in the ocean.  Sounds fun!

Claire’s MOTHER!! What?  The lawyer threatening Kate drops off paperwork with her!   There goes my theory on Ben being behind the DNA tests. 

Jack’s still trying to fix everything for Kate.  Ever the hero.  He goes to talk to Claire’s mother and try to reason with her about Kate and Aaron.

What?  Claire’s mother doesn’t even know Aaron exists??!!  Do you see why this show is so addicting AND maddening at the same time?!  So maybe it IS still Ben who is behind the DNA tests.  Claire’s mother was just in LA to deal with lawsuit issues with the airline.

Whose Reyes??  That lawyer IS in cahoots with Ben!  I didn’t understand the lawyer and Ben’s conversation at ALL!  Which means it was probably key information.

Awww!  Another tender moment with Sawyer as he tells Juliette what it was like to see Kate again, at Aaron’s birth.  But of course, tender moment must be destroyed by Juliette’s first nose bleed.

So this current time warp is right after Rousou (sp?), the french woman’s, boat crashes.  Wasn’t that like 15-18 years before our fav Oceanic flight crashed on the Island?  She’s still floating with her comrades on the ocean.  We know eventually everyone else but her dies and she’s left alone.  Or is it that The Others kill them off?  I can’t remember what happens to them.  But she manages to survive and avoid The Others.

What?!  Rousou and her boys find JIN floating in the ocean on a raft?!!  I KNEW he couldn’t be out of the picture.  Okay, hold on.  It’s a commercial break.  So lets think this through quickly.  Jin survived the boat explosion – somehow – and has been floating on the ocean this whole time,  close enough to the Island to be time warped right along with everyone else.  How awesome is that!   I knew it! I knew it!  I’m glad the show didn’t let me down. =0)

The look on Kate’s face when she sees Ben is priceless.  Oh yeah!  Don’t mess with Kate either! What’?! Ben is admitting he’s behind the DNA tests!  And Sun is at the Marina too?  How did she know to go there??  At least I was right on the DNA tests… I think I would have gone crazy if they’d stretched that one out another week.

Oh boy.  Jin is in a world of hurt because he’s waking up, on the beach, with the french crew and has no clue what’s going on with the time warps .  Plus, he has the language barrier… but now he’s clueing in.  He just found out Rousou’s name and recognizes it. 

In the teaser for next week, Ben says he can prove something to Sun, as Sun is aiming her nice big gun at him at the marina.  I bet he says he can prove that Jin is still alive.  Kate thinks Jack has completely jumped off the deep end and joined The Dark Side by working with Ben.  Have to say I agree with her.  But I think Ben is probably a necessary evil at this point.  It’s obvious that they DO need to go back to the Island.  Or, at least, I THINK they need to.  (you’re never really sure of anything with this show) Ben is the only one who can show them how to get back.

Is anyone else worried about Vincent?  Poor lovable guy!  Why did they find his empty leash?   Is he going to get nosebleeds too?

Oy!  I had a question and now I’ve forgotten it!!  It was a big point too… Dang it.  I’m sure someone else covered it though… so head over to Rocks In My Dryer with me and read up on other bloggers’ recaps.

I DID watch LOST this week.  I just haven’t written about it… until now. 

Part of the reason is that I have four sick munchkins who are slowing draining the lifeblood from me. . . drop by drop. I love my munchkins dearly but glory be!  The amount of whining, crying sky rockets when illness strikes.  And don’t forget the random demands to be held by 2 year olds who have never known life below the 90th% on a growth chart.  Random though the requests may be, they can usually be counted upon to strike at moments when you are LEAST able to comply with the pitiful yet alarmingly loud demand.  You know, like when you’re teaching 2nd grade math, stirring dinner on the stove and talking on the phone all at one time… err… not that I’ve done that before. That was just an exaggerated example.

Any hooo, I’ve been distracted.  But not so distracted as to have missed LOST.  Nope, all my sweet, hacking and snotty munchkins were slathered in Vicks and tucked in bed with the humidifier running on high loonnggg before LOST started.  Had to allow time for them to fall asleep before the show started to eliminate the chance of potty runs and calls for water. 

The other part of my delayed review of LOST this week is, well, I was just blown away.  On one hand, we found out a lot of interesting little facts.  But on the other hand, we added to our pile of unanswered questions without answering any old ones.  Now, before all you smart LOSTies pipe in with all the great answered questions that I missed, you have to remember something…

I am of simple mind.

Oh, I’m not downing myself.  I’m right smart in lotsa ways.  But when it comes to things like LOST, well, sometimes I feel like I’m just along for the ride. 

And I like it that way.

I fear my head would explode otherwise.

Lets see here… we found out the Others speak Latin.  It’s their “secret” language. Oooohhh!  Aaahhhhh!

We found out Richard really IS old.  I was torn on whether he was just time traveling like a madman or actually ageless.  The Island is apparently great for HIS health.  Too bad that can’t be said about everyone who visits.

We found out the military has been to the Island in the early years and The Others used their uniforms.

We found out how Richard knew to look up Locke as a child… because Locke told him to during one of the Islands time-traveling flashes.

Jacob is someone who has been in power for a loonnggg time.  We know this because Locke used his name as leverage with Richard, two years before Locke was to be born, and Jacob’s all-mighty name hit home with Richard. 

We know Daniel has actually been the time-traveling madman, not Richard as earlier thought.  And what would have been a sweet confession of love to Charlotte was tainted with the knowledge that he’d abandoned his previous love when she was rendered incapacitated years before.   I’m not sure if they actually said it was caused by one of his experiments or not but they definitely strongly hinted it if not. 

Ummm, his kinda love I could do without.

PLUS, Penny’s dad, Widmore, has footed the bill for Daniel’s incapacitated ex-love.  Hmmm, must be because he’s been supporting Daniel and his time-travel research.   But we already were thinking that since Daniel came in on the freighter that was sent by Widmore to hunt down everyone on the Island. 

So is Daniel bad?  Jury is still out on him.  I WANT to like him and trust him… but he’s gonna have to do some relationship mending to win me over.   Saving Charlotte wouldn’t hurt either.  He DID promise her that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her… it be nice to see him keep that promise.  But it sure doesn’t bode well since she was looking pretty dead when we last saw her.

Okay, my brain is already starting to sizzle and I’m smelling smoke so I’d better stop here.  I realize this is probably pretty rudimentary for a lot of you LOSTies… I apologize and I promise, I’m heading straight for you blogs to be enlightened.

As soon as I locate a fire extinguisher. 

Your plethora of random fact connections, name origins and hidden meanings is sure to send my poor brain into overdrive and deem the safety measures necessary.

As you can tell, my “thought-mare” didn’t come true.  Phew!  What a relief! 

But my brain is so overwhelmed I can’t even do a recap.  Or at least one that makes any sense what so ever and isn’t just me rambling on and on all the while just trying to sort things out… out loud. 

Oh wait.  That’s what all my posts are like! 

Silly me.

Really though, I’m just going to let everyone else try to sort this one out for me.  I think my brain is plain out of shape after 8 long months of LOST-lessness.   I guess I have to warm up to the high brain activity LOST requires. 

Man, is Hubby going to enjoy that sentence.

Point is, this week, I’m reading all YOUR recaps for insight into the delightful chaos those two hours wracked on my poor, slow, out-of-shape brain.

I had a bit of a distraction too.  Lucy was feeling a tad neglected in the light of LOST so I ended up fighting this off all night:


And this:


(She’s in mid-bounce here and that would be a cow hoof in her mouth.  Please don’t ask me to explain it.  For some reason she likes chewing on it and I’m desperate for her to chew on anything that isn’t human… or on a human… or near a human…)

As a little more proof of the abuse my hands were subject to for the first whole hour of LOST, I present:

 Exhibit A: The Fanglost-companion-4

Just when I was ready to toss her outside on her ear because I was having to listento LOST more than watch LOST and because she was running around like a rabid bat outta hell and had knawed my hands down to bloody stumps… she, well, she pooped out:


Somehow the bloody stumps don’t seem so bad when she looks like this.  Look at her bottom lip.  It cracks me up. 

LOST does too – crack me up that is.  Like Hurley’s comment to Sayid,  “Maybe if you would eat more comfort food, you wouldn’t need to go around shooting people.” 

LOST also perplexes me and makes my head hurt. 

So I’m off to read some brilliant recaps because mine is not.

We’re only 10 minutes into the LOST premiere and I’m already freaking out! 

Daniel was on the island in the beginning??  Was that time travel or is he a freak of nature like Richard who never ages?

Moving the island caused it to go back in time??

How far back are we talking?  Obviously waayyyy back since the Orchid Station disappeared from around Locke.

At this rate, my head is going to relocate, like the island, right off my shoulders within the next hour and 50 minutes. 

And I LOVE it!

Oh wait!  Just as I was going to post this, the drug plane crashed on the island!  So that’s a little bit of a timeline… what if he’s able to save the priest?  Will changes they do now, affect the future that techinically has already happened?

Oh man, oh man this mental chaos is what I’ve waited 8 months for!!

and the loonnnngggg wait is finally over.

Speaking of cupcakes….

Lost Cupcakes by katipeck.

I’d like to say this is my creation…

But I can’t. 

And I’m disappointed that I didn’t see this picture earlier because I just MIGHT have made these for tonight’s season premiere…

Okay maybe not.  Not when I’m the only one watching the show and therefore, the only one who would be eating said cupcakes. 

Instead I’ll probably settle for a bag of Doritos and a Cherry Coke.  Because it’s so much healthier and thigh-friendly.

Can I share a “thought-mare” I’ve have in the back of my head this past week with you? 

I keep having a horrible thought flash through my head that I actually forget about the LOST Premiere tonight and wake up tomorrow morning with the crashing realization that I missed the most fabulous episode EVER.

That thought makes my stomach churn with anxiety you guys.

It makes my heart race and my sweat glands start to well-up with panicked perspiration. 

It makes me start researching TiVo.

It makes me want to leave ABC on all day long because my research has dug up the fact that TiVo is waayyyy outside of our budget.

It makes me set the alarm on my cell phone… just in case. 

Tune in tomorrow to find out if my thought-mare came true…

Happy LOST watching tonight everyone!!

That’s what this post is going to do folks.

Not because I don’t want to make them two separate posts.  It’s just that on their own, they’d be mighty short, although significant (at least in my world).  Plus, they are linked together naturally. 

I was watching Dane Cook’s “Rough Around the Edges” last night. Dane Cook by idatedthedrummer.  And while I love Dane, I have to confess that most of what I’ve watched of his comedic routines are highly edited for tv.  I’ve heard his un-edited stuff is not very, err, umm, well, let’s just say some of his stuff needs to be edited. Catch my drift? 

Anyway… last night he was hilarious.  Side-aching, face-sore, crow’s-feet galore.  And that was just the 30 minutes I saw before I fell asleep!

Sadly, I’m serious. 

Yep, that’s my life now.  If it comes on at 10pm, chances are I’m not gonna make it to the end without drool pooling beneath my head nodding off now and then.

BUT!!! And here’s the part that connects to the second bird so that this one stone post will knock both out at the same time…   During the part I did see, Dane happens to mention his favorite tv show.  Can you guess what it is??

Can ya? Can ya??



I love LOST.  I miss LOST.  TV just hasn’t been the same these loonnnggggg months between LOST seasons.  I’m just as eager for the next 32 questions to begin plaguing me, like it does with each new episode, as ever.  

Have I forgotten what happened last?  YES!!

But that’s okay.  It actually helps because it means I’ve forgotten what my last 32 questions were and am therefore, starting with what one could call a fresh Sawyer SLATE! I meant slate!

Did you know the season premiere is January 21st?  It is.  Just want to be sure you don’t forget.

I feel the need to share with you my new favorite shows.  I still have some old favorites:

Go to fullsize image         Go to fullsize image     

   Go to fullsize image     Go to fullsize image

 All very near and dear to my little tv heart.  But here are a few new ones for me.

Go to fullsize image

Now, Bones isn’t a new show.  I’ve just not had a chance to see it much since it airs Wednesday nights while I’m at Bible Study.  But I’ve caught it enough now that I’m totally hooked and watch episodes on the computer.  It’s good ya’ll… real good.

The Mentalist is a new show this season.  And I’m hear to proclaim that I hope it stays for years, like X-Files and the Cosby Show and Survivor (can you even believe how long that show has actually survived??! No pun intended – well, maybe a little).  And that when it does eventually go off the air, that they air constant re-runs like they do for Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld.  I’m just saying, I like this show a little bit.

I’ve seen both Simon Baker and David Boreanaz is previous shows, never thinking much of Simon but I did *heart* David (one word – BUFFY.  sigh ).  But they both are so great in these shows.  And Simon?  Well, he rivals Angel.  He really does. 

Speaking of great shows.  Am I the only one who even remembers this show?

Go to fullsize image

Wait, I think you need more pictures to refresh your memory…

Go to fullsize image

Go to fullsize image

I can’t even tell you how irked I am that these pics are so small.  But if I took the time to make them bigger, this post would never make it to the published form and then you’d never get a chance to relive your Roswell love.  Com’on, I couldn’t have been the only girl out there that desperately wanted to help Max either stay on earth or fly away with him to… well, where ever it was he was from.  I cried when this show ended.  I really did.  Colin Hanks, Katherine Heigl, Adam Rodriguez, Emilie de Ravin… so many young actors still working TV today.  Jason Behr, where have you gone?  Are you coming back?  Can I go with you?  Can you make sure a fourth season of Roswell happens in 2009? 

Roswell was the reason I even heard of Dido.  I *heart* her too.  Let’s make this moment on memory lane last just a little bit longer…

I’m not even going to admit that I got full-body goosebumps when I watched that intro.  Or that I got them again the second, third and eightieth times too.  Nope gonna deny it till the cows come home.

Now, if someone hadn’t had gone and stolen my Dido cds… I guess I could go buy new ones… 8 years is probably long enough to hold out hope that the old ones would magically appear on my doorstep, right?

Umm, I think I got a little off my titled topic…

Did you know we’re about halfway through the way-too-long-you’re-gonna-lose-all-us-fans break before Lost starts up again! YIPPEE!!

Course, it still feels like forever.  And I’m still mad at ABC for letting the creators have such power over their own show schedule.  I think they should arm wrestle for 5 more episodes a season.  Or some such number, I just randomly picked that one.  All I know is I want MORE.  NOW. 

But ABC has yet to listen to me so instead, I’m patting myself on the back for making it half-way and still being a fan. 

To those of you who hate or could care less about Lost.  Beware, you only have a few more months of Lost-free posts (not including this one of course).  The debates start up again soon. =0)

Honestly?  I think I’m going to have to watch it again.  I was too tired to write last night and now I’m worried I’ve forgotten important details.

Some things we’d already figured out… like the fact that Kate was talking about Aaron and not Sawyer (that was my original thought) when Jack called her to the airport in his drugged up state to tell her they had to go back.  Wow.  That was one powerful slap! 

Biggest gut-wrencher?  Sun’s reaction to lifting off before Jin reached them.  And of course when the ship blew up.  Great, great scene.  Intestine-twisting but great.  And I can’t rule Jin out.  Sorry.  I know we’re supposed to think everyone is history that was on board but I think he’ll reappear next season.  And not just in a past-tense scene. 

Michael I think is out since good ol DaddyO said he could leave now.  That was cool.  I guess when the Island releases you, *poof* you’re history.  Poor Michael… all those mean, ugly thoughts I had about him… he turned out okay after all. 

Did anyone else think it strange that no one on the helicopter was worried about the first boat load of island survivors that were on the ship already?  Were they all huddled down below and therefore didn’t hear Desmond’s screams about not landing the helicopter because there was a bomb?  ‘Cuz if they had heard him, you better believe they’d be pounding on that helicopter, clambering to get on board and escape being blown to smithereens.  Just saying.

Penny and Desmond… awwwww. =0) Sweet reunion at last.  But I think Penny’s going to die.  Sorry to destroy the sweet reunion.  Ben is too mad about his daughter dying and I think he’s a little hell-bent on revenge… right along with Sayid.

Sawyer endears himself to us again. He really is destroying his bad boy image.  He throws himself off the helicopter in order for it to reach the ship.  But he whispers something to Kate first.  I’m guessing that’s the point where he asks her to take care of his baby girl that he’ll never meet…  He probably said something like this,”Freckles, I’m going to save your sassy little butt right now.  And I’m going to solve your love triangle problem by eliminating myself from the equation.  But you have to promise you’ll check on my little rug rat now and then”  That’s how I imagine it anyway.  And that good-bye forever kiss?  Made my knees buckle.  In fact, they still get a little shakey when I even think about it.  Kate? She should have swooned while having her face sucked like that.

Sayid kicks more butt.  And kills off more bad guys.  Gosh darn it, he’s my hero.

Reamy is one tough sucker.  I was wondering why his bullet-proof vest didn’t seem to work when he was being shot up from behind.  But they were just tricking us.  He was just waiting to surprise us later.  And we found out what that thing strapped to his nice, bulging bicep was.  The remote activator for the bomb on board the ship. 

New revelations:

Charlotte was a previous Island-inhabitor?  What?!  Didn’t see that one coming… but explains her search for it.  Apparently, her mom was preggo before she got on the Island otherwise Charlotte wouldn’t have survived.  And

We found out that Sayid busts Hurley out of the mental hospital.  And Ben wants Jack to get the six back to the island.  No easy task but he already has three of them in his grip (Jack, Sayid and Hurley).  But Kate won’t go. She’s having “dreams” of Claire telling her NOT to take Aaron back.  So I’m thinking she’s going to be a tough sell on the reasons to return…

And Sun?  Well, she’s a woman on a mission.  What exactly the mission is remains to be revealed.  I don’t believe for one minute she plans on helping Mr. Widmore.  Nope, that woman scorned is going to shred him to pieces.  Mr. Widmore and anyone else she determines played a role in her beloved Jin’s (supposed) death.  That’s going to be some good watching people! =0) 

We find out who is in the casket finally.  Another thing I never saw coming.  I’d thought they’d introduced a new character when they started talking about this Jeremy Bentham who was visiting everyone and telling them they’d all made mistakes by leaving.  But Jeremy is Locke? Huh?!  And he’s not only off the Island but he’s DEAD?!!  Again, HUH?!! And how come Walt doesn’t recognize him?  He would have known Locke if he saw him.  Unless he was playing along with the lies that he didn’t understand the meaning behind (before his meeting with Hurley).  As a side note, how sad that none of the survivors visited him… poor lonely, confused, father-less, dog-less Walt.

We find out how Ben is hurt prior to his teleporting…  And he continues to confirm that he’s evil to his very core.

And finally, I must address Aaron and the helicopter crash and the hours in the sun.  As the helicopter was going down my only thought was, AARON!!!  How did he manage to not get knocked out of Kate’s arms and drowned in the ocean?!  And at the very least, how was he not hurt at all?! (I know, I know, Kate says it was a miracle.  But my momma-brain can’t comprehend it)  And, after hours in the sun for the convincing sunburn for all the adults, how does Kate manage to keep Aaron covered up so well that he’s still so nice and pasty white?  Again, just saying…

Now the countdown begins… and so does the ho-hum summer of TV.  And Fall… because, like I said before, we’re the most taken advantage of group of TV fans.  Why do we let them do this to us?!!

*sigh * I’m off to read more takes on this episode from Rocks In My Dryer.  You should probably too.  It’s one of the few things we can do to keep our LOST love alive…


That’s how long we’re gonna have to wait after the season finale this Thursday night before the new season begins.  I believe we are the most taken-advantage-of-audience-group in the history of tv.  Well, as far as I know… which honestly isn’t much.  But it’s how I feel, darn it!  8 LONG MONTHS is going to ddddrrrrraaaagggggg on forever. 

So what will I be doing at 11pm this Thursday night?  Crying.  And wringing my hands.  Probably a ton bit of whining.  Scouring the web for hints on next season.  More crying.  Pacing an eight inch deep rut in my livingroom floor as I contemplate the mysteries of the LOST Island.  Did I mention I might be a bit teary-eyed?  I’ll probably break out the cookie dough ice cream to console myself.  And when that’s gone and the container licked dry, I’ll continue to cry and wail into the wee hours of the morning.   

That’s why, by the time the new season begins, I will pat myself on the back, jump for joy and consider myself a survivor.  Because it’s not easy being a fan of LOST.  Long, quiet months with no new information or episodes to watch.  By January we’ll be gaunt with lack of new information, staggering under the pressure of so many online theories that we’ve swamped our brains with over the previous 8 months, drooling in anticipation of the new episodes and begging for new clues to the mysteries.  Let’s just hope we all remember to bathe.

Let’s not take survivorship THAT far folks!   


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