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I stumbled acrosView Images a woman’s story from a blog I frequent.  Her story has rocked my world.   Apparently I need that every couple months; my world to be rocked that is. I’ve become so bogged down by all that is petty in my life. I’ve been let down by friends, unhappy in the routines of wife/motherhood, and felt mediocre in every aspect of my life. I had realized the past couple weeks, that I do nothing well. I have felt that I’m average in everything. Oh, I’m a better wife but not a good wife. I’m a decent cook but not a good cook. I’m a middle-of-the-road momma but not a good mom. I’m a work in progress as a child of God but I’m not a good child. I could go on but I’ll spare you the petty drama. 

But the truth is, I’ve let discontent run rampant in my life lately. And THAT is sin. And it is SATAN. It is DISTRACTION.  Satan’s goal is to simply distract as many Christians as he can.  He doesn’t have to lead astray or sway me from my beliefs.  He knows that’s too tough a battle.  Ah, but distracting me from being an effective child of God.  Now that is easy.  Frighteningly so.

And after watching Rachel’s talk, I know it’s been all about me. And it’s all been petty. It’s been me, trying to find my purpose outside of what God wants for me. And truthfully? I don’t know what His purpose is for me, not the details of it anyway. But I do know my purpose overview: To love Him and to serve Him with Joy. (I’m writing it all over my house) So that is my focus now. Today I’ve stopped listening to myself and I’m going to begin talking to myself… (writing that one everywhere too) listen to Rachel. She’ll explain. Oh! And I’m saying “Yes!” today. =0)

Death is Not Dying

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since I’ve gotten so excited about a movie coming out.  But I saw a commercial tonight that instantly gave me goosebumps and a yearning for the smell the popcorn, the feel of a comfy yet dirty theater seat, the sound of a big ‘ol cherry coke bubbling in a cup at the end of the armrest and the sights and sounds of… of…

Wolverine X-Men Origins: Wolverine.     


Yes, my friends.  I’m an X-Men fan and even more specifically, a fan of both Hugh Jackman AND Wolverine.  And there’s a new movie!!!  **insert girlish squeal here** Click on Wolverine’s face to see the trailer. 

May 1st… ‘nough said.

Oh! Except to say, if you need a Hugh Jackman fix and you haven’t seen Australia yet…


RUN, don’t walk to the nearest video store and rent it.  It’s a great movie.  This movie “makes you fall in love with love all over again”… to quote my sister-in-law who fell for the movie just as hard as I did.  She said it perfectly.


Now I’m done.

Just thought I’d share this with you guys.  Thank you so much for keeping Angie and Nolan in your prayers.  Please keep it up.  They are going to need it for a long, long time.

As a side note, the music that the slide show plays to is by the band MOI.  Go check them out here

As a side to my side note, Hubby and I know Moises (lead singer) from our college days.  When Hubby and I bought our first house after a year of marriage, it was Moises who was our faithful tough-job helper.  Man, did we ever work him.   All I can say is he has a great heart, he was really desperate for money (what college student isn’t?) and he was a slight glutton for punishment. =0) 

I can still see him, straddling a 4  foot wide hole he had dug around a particular stubborn oleander root ball, trying to arm wrestle it loose…

It took him two afternoons to get it out.

And that was during his working out, body-building stage.

Yeah.  It’s a wonder he even still speaks to us when he sees us coming. 

I think we owe him a few hundredseveral album purchases to make up for all the abuse he endured.  Course, we don’t have the money for it now anymore than we did way back then.  But ya’ll heading over there and purchasing your own copies would sure help.  Be sure to tell Moises that I sent ya and that your purchase is to help make up for that dang oleander. 

Hope you enjoy getting to know Mark and Angie little more…

On Veteran’s Day last week, I heard someone on the news say that each person in our military, both past and present, have in essence, signed a blank check that’s been made out to the Good Ol US of A when they enter into the military.  And that check is worth every inch of them, including and up to death. 

We have heard much about the death toll that’s taking place in our military since September 11th.  And while I firmly believe that we need to be kept up to date on those men and women who have given their lives in defense of our freedom (because YES! I do believe that the struggle on that side of the world directly relates to the safety of our little neck of the woods), I also believe that not enough attention has been given to those who have been injured while serving.  I’m not quite sure why.  My first thought was that it’s usually not a “pretty” side of the war.  But given our media’s current thirst for exposing all the ugliness and horror they can find, that may not be an accurate assumption. 

Despite the lack of media attention, there are thousands of men and women who are struggling every day due to their act of service for us.  My friend from college Christa, has a brother who is a perfect example of the overlooked heartache and struggle that we all take for granted.  Christa just put together a video series that will rock your world.  She put them together to help her brother David remember how far he’s come and just what a miracle he is.  And she’s sharing them with us. 

Warning: Keep your tissues close, you’ll probably need them.





There’s not much to add after watching them, is there?!  Please consider showing the videos to your children, no matter their age.  My four have watched them and it was amazing to see how each one really grasped, at their own level, all that David has and is going through.  I only had to emphasize to them how much of a hero he is because he was hurt while fighting in a war to protect America.

Why not find an injured veteran in your area to send a card or note of appreciation to?  Encourage your kids to make their own cards and notes to send to them also.  Better yet, add a few treats in there and make it a care package.  Or maybe the ultimate, don’t mail them… TAKE them.  And then commit to pray for them.  Don’t stick your head in the sand and pretend they don’t exist.  It’s honestly the very least we can do.

Remember, like David, they wrote a blank check and willing signed their name.  That check was made out to you.

In my last post that really was just supposed to highlight my new favorite shows… really!  The whole Roswell thing just happened… anyway, I completely forgot one of my new favs.  Well, actually, I liked it last season (it’s first one) and this season is just as good. 

Life, please forgive my forgetfulness. 

Damian Lewis is great in this role.  And his partner is a perfect character match to go with his.  Great writing, Witty, and a subplot is always a great thing.   Course, I’ve loved Damian Lewis ever since “Band of Brothers”.  If you haven’t seen him in that, you need to.  It is SUCH a good HBO movie. 

I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

Damien Lewis was one of many great actors in Band of Brothers.  Donnie Wahlberg, David Schwimmer, Colin Hanks… and I love the fact that they intertwined the REAL men whose characters are portrayed in the movie.  Goosebumps and tears everytime.  And I’ve watched it many times.

I seem to be having a hard time staying focused these days….

I feel the need to share with you my new favorite shows.  I still have some old favorites:

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 All very near and dear to my little tv heart.  But here are a few new ones for me.

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Now, Bones isn’t a new show.  I’ve just not had a chance to see it much since it airs Wednesday nights while I’m at Bible Study.  But I’ve caught it enough now that I’m totally hooked and watch episodes on the computer.  It’s good ya’ll… real good.

The Mentalist is a new show this season.  And I’m hear to proclaim that I hope it stays for years, like X-Files and the Cosby Show and Survivor (can you even believe how long that show has actually survived??! No pun intended – well, maybe a little).  And that when it does eventually go off the air, that they air constant re-runs like they do for Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld.  I’m just saying, I like this show a little bit.

I’ve seen both Simon Baker and David Boreanaz is previous shows, never thinking much of Simon but I did *heart* David (one word – BUFFY.  sigh ).  But they both are so great in these shows.  And Simon?  Well, he rivals Angel.  He really does. 

Speaking of great shows.  Am I the only one who even remembers this show?

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Wait, I think you need more pictures to refresh your memory…

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I can’t even tell you how irked I am that these pics are so small.  But if I took the time to make them bigger, this post would never make it to the published form and then you’d never get a chance to relive your Roswell love.  Com’on, I couldn’t have been the only girl out there that desperately wanted to help Max either stay on earth or fly away with him to… well, where ever it was he was from.  I cried when this show ended.  I really did.  Colin Hanks, Katherine Heigl, Adam Rodriguez, Emilie de Ravin… so many young actors still working TV today.  Jason Behr, where have you gone?  Are you coming back?  Can I go with you?  Can you make sure a fourth season of Roswell happens in 2009? 

Roswell was the reason I even heard of Dido.  I *heart* her too.  Let’s make this moment on memory lane last just a little bit longer…

I’m not even going to admit that I got full-body goosebumps when I watched that intro.  Or that I got them again the second, third and eightieth times too.  Nope gonna deny it till the cows come home.

Now, if someone hadn’t had gone and stolen my Dido cds… I guess I could go buy new ones… 8 years is probably long enough to hold out hope that the old ones would magically appear on my doorstep, right?

Umm, I think I got a little off my titled topic…

but The Happening was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  EVER.  Hubby and I had been warned but nothing could have prepared us for how bad it really was.  The writing, the storyline, the ending, the acting… not one part of that movie got even a semi thumbs-up. 

Why is that so hard to admit?  For one, M. Night Shyamalan has made some of my favorite movies.  The Village, Sixth Sense, Signs… all favorites of mine.  In weird way I even liked Lady in the Water, even though I’m probably the only one who does. 

The other reason? Marky-Mark Mark Walhberg. 

Mark Wahlberg, coming off an Oscar-nominated performance in "The Departed" (below), stars in "Shooter," opening Friday.

He usually does such a good job but his attempt at being a soft guy just didn’t work.  At all. Not even for a second.  I thought he was going to save the movie for me but after his first, painfully awkward sentence, I knew it was not to be.  Apparently he only does well with Tough Guy roles, with a dash of Nice Guy thrown in for good measure.   

My advice for anyone contemplating wasting two hours of their life on this movie? DON’T.  Run.  Run far away.  I don’t care how bored you are or how low your expectations are.  RUN the opposite direction.  If you don’t, you’ll only walk away with any respect you had for anyone involved in this movie totally shaken. 

But don’t worry, Mark.  I haven’t given up on you.  Not by a long-shot.  And to prove it to you, I’m not only eagerly waiting for Max Payne, I’m going to as Hubby to, brace yourself now, take me to the theater to see it!  GASP…. I know, shocking isn’t it?!  I just know you aren’t going to let me down twice in a row.

while reading On The Shores Of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I’ve read this set as a child, MANY times.  But this is my first time reading them as an adult.  I’m reading them to anyone who will listen the munchkins. 

At lunchtime today, I brought it out and proceeded to dig in.  Verbally of course.  Well, if you remember this book at all (which I didn’t until AFTER the fact), you’ll remember that within the first few chapters, Jack, the longtime, ever faithful bulldog, dies. 

I totally choked.  And I mean BAAADDDD!  My struggle to hide my tears and act like I was reading about the color of the sky should have won me an Oscar.  Okay maybe not.  Especially since I had to start eating so that I could mask the warbling and cracking in my voice with mouthfuls of food (I was desperate enough to break my own rule of no talking with your mouth full!).  And when that wasn’t enough, I’m ashamed to say, I..


I passed the book on to Poppett to read (after all, I WAS trying to eat!).  I admit it, I’m a horrible mother.  Not because I asked her to read for me.  No, I’m a horrible mother because I know she is like me and I did it anyway.  She gets teary eyed over the same things I do.  She cries in Charlotte’s Web every time – just like me.  And Homeward Bound – just like me.  She cried over the passing of our beloved McKee daily – just like me.  She cries at my outfits -just like me. Alright so the last one was made up.  But you get the point.  I KNEW she’d get choked up reading this part of the book and yet I passed the buck anyway. 

Shame, shame on me.  But I just needed a minute to get my “mommy-mode” turned on.  You know, the one you use to talk about the benefits of the bees that are swarming around you and your munchkins – that you are NOT afraid of!  The mode you use when you are facing a vegetable at the dinner table that is not your favorite but that you want your munchkins to devour like candy.  And the mode you turn on during an earthquake in order to calmly talk your children to safety while hiding your own heart-stopping paniced nightmare of the earth breaking open and swallowing your family and home in one giant bite. 

You know it, don’t you! 

And she did.  She gave me just enough time to get the Mommy-mode turned on, my voice and emotions in check before HER voice was the one warbling and getting quieter and quieter.  I couldn’t handle her distress anymore.  I knew she was reliving the pain of losing McKee all over again.  I knew that as she read about Laura reminiscing about the great times with Jack, that Poppett was thinking of all the times with her own beloved four-footed friend.  After all, that’s what had happened to me when I was reading it.  

So I took the book back, thanked her for helping me and continued reading the story.

Things I learned from this?  Apart from the fact that I’m a cruel mom that is. 

I learned to look forward to sharing emotional moments with my daughter.   Because as bad as I felt, I did notice a sense of companionship with Poppett in that moment (not that she was aware of it).  Like we were sharing the burden of getting this sad chapter read.  In a house full of boys, we are (and will be) the only two who “get” each other in this department.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but if you cry in a movie, boys of all ages tease you.  It’s a well known fact in this house.  It’s nice to know there’s someone else there to share the Kleenex box with. 

Image Preview

Now, not all things we cry over will be little things like movies and books.  Some things will be gut-wrenching and painful.  But I realized today that I look forward to our continued bond as mother and daughter in the coming years. 

That I need to treasure and cultivate this relationship daily, in order to keep that bond alive.  And that I don’t do it enough.

Next time I promise to ask first before I dump emotional chapters on her.  Because if I don’t, I might be picking tissues off the floor by myself in my old age.  When reaching the floor might as well be climbing Mt. Everest.

I think a girl movie night is in order… I’m thinking Charlotte’s Web.  Lights turned off, lots of popcorn, lots of Kleenex and of course – NO BOYS.

It’s Movie Madness time again folks and I’m back with a couple more of my humble reviews.  Well, I do happen to think pretty highly of my taste in movies but then again, don’t we all?

First up is not much of a review.  Sweeney Todd

DO NOT SEE IT!  Unless of course you love seeing people’s throat’s slit over and over and over and over and their bodies being dumped on their heads over and over and over and over.  Totally gross.  I know it was the whole premise of the movie.  And I actually enjoyed the music… little catchy parts of the songs are all permanently stuck in my brain… but the gore and depression of the movie was just a tad too much for me.  But maybe it’s your cup of tea.. 

Just realize,it pains me deeply to say this about anything Johnny Depp does, because I love him dearly.  Ever since 21 Jump Street.  And who can resist his quirky charm in “Benny and Joon?  Or his valiant attempt to hold his family together in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”?  His fatherly role in “Nick of Time”?   Let’s not even discuss his “charms” in “Chocolat”!  And his endearing drunken swagger in the “Pirates” movies.  I can’t stop without mentioning his role in “Finding Neverland”, I think it’s my fav.  Or at least one of my top.  

I’m sorry Johnny.  I usually dig your funky roles but I just couldn’t hang with Mr. Todd. 


But the next movie I watched was much better.  Dan In Real Life

This movie is about Dan (Steve Carell) trying to figure out how to move forward in his life and relationships after the death of his wife.  Sounds depressing I know. But there are great awkward moments of humor in true Steve Carell fashion.  I think he did a fabulous job in portraying his character.  Very convincing.  I also love Dane Cook.  He played Dan’s younger brother.  And while this wasn’t his best acting role, I still loved him none the less.  A few scenarios are a bit far fetched but not sooo far that you can’t reach with it.  It’s all do-able.  And very entertaining.

For more movie madness be sure to check out Daily Mish Mash.  RUN! Don’t walk!

Over the weekend I watched two new movies: “No Country for Old Men” and “The Assassination of Jesse James”.  Here’s my Movie Madness contribution and valiant attempt to write reviews without including any spoilers…


“No Country for Old Men” on one hand was what I expected… a dark, twisted tale with lots of killing.  But there were moments of humor that momentarily lightened the mood although only for a second.  And there is a twist to the end that I will not divulge but suffice to say, it’ll make or break the movie for you.  For Hubby?  It made it.  For me?  It broke it. 

    But I will offer a glimmer of hope….

( And hope’s name is Josh Brolin ala rugged)


“The Assassination of Jesse James” was full of a rugged Brad Pitt and for that reason alone, it’s worth watching.  His role is reminiscent of his “Legends of the Fall” character… we get to see a lot of similar, but still oh so moving, haunted-man expressions.  I was surprised to find that Jesse James is not the main character but rather Bob Ford, played by Casey Affleck.  Both actors do a great job.  But unfortunately, it is a rather slow-moving movie.  Interesting and well acted, but slow.  I did like the fact that while society has/had glorified Jesse James and the life he led, the movie reveals how such life does not sit well with the human psyche.  It irritates the fire outta me to watch movies that glorify crime and show nothing of the real-life effects it has on the person and the people around them.

While I enjoyed this movie I am glad I didn’t pay to watch it in the theaters.  Definitely a rental movie to be enjoyed at home.

The underlying message of these reviews is:

I’ll take him:                                      over him:



And him:                                         over him:





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