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Have I mentioned I love I ♥  Faces?  In case you missed it last week, I DO!  We’re talking head over heels folks. 

This week’s challenge is Sharing Our Summer Stories Through Photos.  The one I’m sharing is of the kids playing with the hose in the backyard… go figure.  It’s cheap, it’s cool, it’s exercise and it keeps the mess outdoors.  Needless to say, we do it a lot.   Plus, there’s an extra level of fun because Lucy, our 8 month old Boxer, just LOVES water.  As we discovered on this particular day, she loves stealing sunbathing spots too.

The younger boys were the hardest hit.  She just couldn’t leave their laid-out towels alone.  She’d soak in the water and then dart over to claim a sun-warmed towel.  The boys tried their best to move her.  When that didn’t work, they tried to move the towel out from under her…

Stealing Towels 1 email

They quickly gave up that idea.  They tried sharing the towel next….

Stealing Towels 2 email

When the smell of wet puppy got to overwhelming, they abandoned the fight altogether and opted for other, non-towel activities.  Lucy grandstanded the victory just a tad

Towel is Stolen email

The non-towel activities included:  Mom’s sunglasses and, what we fondly refer to as, The Circus Bike…

Circus Bike email

Photographing Lucy’s tongue… (some of the shots were group efforts)

Lucy Bear email

Looking glamorous and very NOT wet…

Who Is This Girl soft email

And rubbing the Towel Stealer’s wet belly…

Towel Stealing email



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