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Okay, so JUST to clarify some Costco thoughts, I paid closer attention when I went there yesterday.

Costco’s sharp cheddar cheese is just over $4 for a 2lb block.  Words can’t express how muView Imagech this family of lactose-lovers appreciates such a great deal.   A bloggy friend of mine mentioned Winco’s cheese prices and while I LOVE Winco and buy their cheese all the time, they do not carry a store brand sharp cheddar.  They have medium and mild but no sharp.  This has always brought me close to tears (dragging four munchkins to a separate store just for sharp cheddar would make even Super Nanny cry at the sheer inconvenience… nevermind the tired and grumpy 2, 4, 5 and 7 year olds who were “done” 13 minutes after walked into Winco) but with Costco’s great price and the fact that they are literally right next door to Winco helps keep the tears at bay.

Costco Toilet Paper.  I looked yesterday and there is only one View Imagetype of Kirkland TP so we must be all talking about the same one.  I’m baffled though.  At first I thought I had a spoiled and pampered hiney that I had been unknowingly catering to.  But now even the kids are starting to complain about the chaffing.  What are your secrets? 

 I guess by the time we’ve gone through the 57 mega rolls we know have, our fannies will have adjusted and the soft, fluffy, soothing Charmin goodness will be a faint, distant memory. 

The nice thing I DO know about Kirkland TP is that I don’t have to worry about the kids clogging any pipes with it.  It’s the thickness of a 1 ply… and for this toilet phobia mama, that’s a good thing.



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