I didn’t think I’d even have a WFMW this week BUT it turns out that my Tuesday’s activities make a perfect Wednesday tip.

Tuesday morning I got the news that Monday evening the kids and I had been cavorting with the flu bug.  Oh YES!  You all know the feeling of hearing that news.  Of course, it was completely accidental… no purposeful releasing of Mr. Flu germs… but the result is still the same.

WE.. HUNG.. OUT.. WITH.. MR.. FLU.. 




Course, I’m still praying for a miracle.  We’re already fighting a nasty chest cold so having to puke through the coughing would just be icing I don’t want on a cake I want to kick to the curb to be hauled far, far, FAR away with the trash.

Tuesday morning I crawled into a dark corner to suck my thumb after hearing the news regarding Mr. Flu.  If it weren’t for four hacking munchkins dragging me out of my fetal position 5 minutes after I got there, I’d still be there.  That’s just what I do when I hear Mr. Flu’s name.  But after being drug by my toes back to reality, I decided to use the day to my advantage.  As moms, we all know how fun it is to be sick ourselves and have sick kids and/or a sick husband to care for too.  It takes weeks to reclaim the house, the laundry, the pantry and fridge, the dishes.  Every inch of your life is affected somehow. 

But not THIS time!  I decided to take charge before Mr. Flu takes over.  I cycled all the laundry through; washed, dryed, folded AND put away.  I swept and mopped the floors.  It was time anyway and a few more days tacked on because of sickness would have felt like a foot of grime to scrub off post-Mr. Flu.  I also had a bunch of meat in the fridge that I’d bought on sale Monday and was waiting to be bagged and put in the freezer.  Guess what?  It’s duuhhhhnnnn!  I also made two dinners for the freezer (Baked Bean Soup and Sloppy Joes) for post-recovery meals.  Today, as long as everyone is still fine, I plan on attacking the bathrooms and making some chicken stock to use for chicken soup later. 

Eliminating as many details ahead of time as possible when it comes to being sick… it’s what works for me.  Check out Rocks in My Dryer for more tips and advice.